The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is updated with smart do not disturb, vibration settings and more news

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is one of the most outstanding watches in value for money. For about 50 euros offers 11 sports modes, 9 days of battery, Bluetooth 5.1 and a good part of the functions that are required of a smartwatch for sports measurement.

You just received a major update with news that other more expensive devices of the company already had. Specifically, it highlights the arrival of the intelligent do not disturb mode, as well as the possibility of being able to adjust the vibration, among others.

Important update for the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite


The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is updating to version 4.1.20, as we read in GSMarena. This is an update which includes new functions, some of them already present in other watches from Xiaomi, Amazfit or Zepp.

Smart do not disturb mode is activated automatically when we go to sleep

The first one is the smart do not disturb mode. How does it work? Until now, do not disturb (DND) mode was activated either manually or by programming it at certain times. With this update the watch will detect when we have fallen asleep, to activate do not disturb at that precise moment.

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In the same way, a new option arrives to adjust the vibration modes. Likewise, the sensitivity of wrist gestures has been improved, so that there are fewer errors when we turn it to see the time or wake up the clock screen. This is the summary of news that the Mi Watch Lite has received:

my watch

  • New 'smart do not disturb' mode.

  • New option to adjust vibration modes.

  • Added settings to adjust the sensitivity of wrist gestures.

  • Added button to dismiss phone calls on Android.

  • Added a notification reminder when Bluetooth is disconnected.

  • Bug fixes + improved stability.

To update your Xiaomi watch you have to open the application to which you have it linked and download the update from the mobile phone. As usual, this update It will arrive progressively, so you may not receive the notification that you have it available yet.

More information | GSMarena