The Xiaomi Mi 11 has a special edition with 10,000 embedded crystals

This Xiaomi comes with a case with 10,000 embedded crystals.

Xiaomi has done it again. Not content with being one of the most important mobile phone brands in the world and with having hundreds of really useful and interesting technological products in its catalog, from time to time he does something crazy that leaves us speechless.

Because according to what we read on the mydrivers web portal, Xiaomi has presented a special edition of the new Xiaomi Mi 11. What's so special about it? Well, nothing more and nothing less than 10,000 embedded crystals.

This is the Xiaomi Mi 11 special edition with thousands of embedded crystals

Xiaomi Mi 11 Star Diamond Edition

This Xiaomi Mi 11 has a case with 10,000 crystals embedded in it.

We have known that Xiaomi wants to remove the “economic” brand label for a long time. It's been a while since the Chinese firm got fully into the premium telephony market, where it stands out with impressive models like the Xiaomi Mi 11.

And as we already know, every time Xiaomi presents a new model, this is accompanied by a large number of variations. What if Pro, Lite, what if Plus ... different models for different users and pockets.

Sometimes they are also accompanied by limited editions like this Xiaomi Mi 11 Star Diamond Edition, which is still a normal Xiaomi Mi 11 accompanied by a very premium case whose surface includes 10,000 embedded crystals.

The cover can also be purchased separately at a price of about 37 euros to change although unfortunately will only be available in China, doubting that it will ever leave these borders.

Remember that you can consult our complete analysis of the Xiaomi Mi 11 in the following link, where we conclude that the phone of the Chinese brand ...

… Is willing to show you that Xiaomi is at the level of the best players in this league. It is a phone for the premium segment that stands out for having an excellent screen, a neat design and extreme power. All this, accompanied by a photographic system that complies, even without reaching the level of its rivals; and of a software that gets to subtract more than what it contributes

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