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The Windows 10 Alarms and Clock application anticipates the redesign that Sun Valley will bring with it

We have known for weeks that Microsoft is preparing a "radical visual rejuvenation of Windows", that such an interface update is called Sun Valley and that it involves the return of the rounded edges to the Redmond operating system.

An aesthetic renovation that we have been able to look at thanks to different leaks and that now We can test with the advance that has arrived with the latest Windows 10 alarm and clock update. A renewed application that, after being tested with the insiders, is reaching everyone.

The renewal of the Alarms and clock application, after being tested with the 'insiders', is reaching everyone through the Microsoft Store

Alarms and clock, the updated application that brings us closer to Windows 10 21H2

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Windows 10 21H2, which will be the October 2021 update if nothing changes, will come with Sun Valley. As is tradition, it will be the biggest update of the year, the older sister of the Windows 10 21H1 that will arrive in the spring and that may suppose, it remains to be seen, a preview of what is to come as the update of Alarms and clock.

This application, perhaps not known to all, It is the one that includes Microsoft's system to configure timers, alarms ... in addition to offering us a stopwatch and also an international clock in which we can see the time in different parts of the world, as well as a map of the planet in which it is appreciated in which areas it is day and in which areas it is night.

The application is displayed with rounded corners, new animations, different effects, updated designs and, in general, a more modern appearance

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This is the simplest way to download the latest Windows 10 ISO directly from Microsoft's website

The latest update of this utility has come with the surprise of its renewed appearance. The elements of the interface, as can be seen as soon as you access it, are shown with rounded corners, new animations, different effects, updated designs and overall a more modern look distanced from what was until now Windows 10.

It is not the first to receive elements of what will be the redesign of Sun Valley, but Yes, the one that agglutinates the most and looks the most different when compared to its previous version. The use of it, if we had used the previous one regularly, changes slightly for the better.

If you access Windows Alarms and Clock, you probably already find it updated and with the appearance that you can see in the screenshots of this article. If not, go to the Microsoft Store, review the pending updates and proceed to their installation to enjoy this little appetizer of the visual renovation of Windows 10 that is to come. You can also directly access the application page in the Microsoft store from this link.