The US justice agrees with Xiaomi, and temporarily lifts the veto

Xiaomi announced legal measures to avoid the blockade of the United States, and the judges agree with them by cautiously withdrawing them from the 'blacklist' of the Washington administration.

A few days ago we commented on what could be the real reasons for the veto of Donald Trump to Xiaomi, and it is that apparently the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies of China had awarded an award to Lei Jun with a rather strange name: "Outstanding Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics".

In any case, it was not a complete crash like the one suffered by Huawei, but rather the inclusion of Xiaomi in a list of suspicious companies that would be investigated with a magnifying glass from the United States, using links with the Chinese army that Haidian's firm flatly denied, announcing that they would take legal action to regain its credibility in the important North American market.

Xiaomi in the United States

What if the real reason for the US veto on Xiaomi was an award received by Lei Jun?

And the pertinent legal processes are now open, as comrades from Computer Hoy, a judge from the United States, told us. has issued an order granting Xiaomi a mini-victory in the first instance, which cautiously withdraws the Chinese manufacturer from blacklist summoning the North American estates to demonstrate that there are clear indications that Xiaomi represents a danger to national security from United States.

The real reason for the US veto to Xiaomi, an award that Lei Jun received

And it is that yes friends, this process against Xiaomi always left feelings different from the one initiated against ZTE or Huawei, with an elaborate taste that allows us to glimpse that, obviously, litigation will continue without knowing for now the intentions of Joe Biden's new administration regarding trade agreements with China and Trump's vetoes.

It should be remembered, in fact, that the United States Department of Defense had included Xiaomi on a blacklist of companies suspected of ties to the Chinese military, initiating certain sanctions and financial restrictions that would come into force soon, and before which Xiaomi had already announced an appeal to justice.

Judge Rudolph Contreras provisionally suspends the financial measures taken against Xiaomi, as well as their inclusion in the 'blacklist', calling on the Biden administration to show that they effectively pose a danger to the security of the United States.

Judicial remedy that seems to have been effective, since Judge Rudolph Contreras has just ruled in favor of the Haidian manufacturer, nullifying the sanctions and temporarily withdrawing Xiaomi from the blacklist, indicating that this precautionary measure is taken to prevent Xiaomi from suffering irreparable damage to its reputation or financial stability.

The court order says that The links that Xiaomi also denies with the Chinese army have not been proven, and that neither the Department of Defense nor the Department of the Treasury of the United States Government have been able to "Demonstrate that national security interests are at stake". Specifically, they also indicate that "The court is somewhat skeptical that Xiaomi is involved in plots that could endanger the US".

From the company they have returned to affirm that they comply with all international protocols to trade both in the United States and other markets, again denying any involvement with the Chinese military beyond trade agreements and stating that they will continue with the judicial processes so that their inclusion is declared illegal on the aforementioned blacklist.

We will see on Monday how the markets breathe, because surely the price of Xiaomi is going to recover after this turn of events ... Don't you think?

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