The trial version of Edge incorporates a tool to solve mathematical problems from the browser itself

The 'Canary' version of the Microsoft Edge browser is updated by its developers daily with new features and fixes, many of them of little relevance. However, a few hours ago a new functionality was added to Edge that has caught our attention ...

...a 'math solver' ('Math Solve', in English). It already exists as an online service and as a mobile app, so you can take a look to get an idea of ​​its usefulness.

Even if you are an Edge Canary user, it is not certain that you still have access to this functionSince Microsoft has implemented a staggered update adoption methodology: we have not been able to access this solver ourselves.

How can we use it

But, according to several users who have been able to test it, the first step to be able to use it is to access Settings> Appearance, and once there activate the option 'Show Math Solver button'. Once done, it will appear a new button in the toolbar, next to those of 'Collections' or 'History', showing the icon of a square root within a screen.

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Once we click on it, there are two options to use it: the first is write ourselves, manually (thanks to the extended keyboard that it incorporates and that contains numerous signs and operators), the mathematical problem to be solved.

The second option goes through select the portion of the screen where the formula appears of the problem, so that the browser can capture it, recognize the characters and proceed to solve it.

Best of all, the mathematical solver will not just give us the solution to the problem, but will also give us describe the steps followed to get there, we will recommend some videos from Khan Academy to help us understand the procedure, and will show us social media buttons to share the solution of the problem.

Needless to say, if Microsoft ends up giving this feature the go-ahead and it is finally implemented in the stable version of the browser, it will end up being enormously useful for those professionals who have to handle mathematical problems in their day to day ... but, above all, for students who have to face their math homework.

Via | TechRadar

Images | Leopeva64-2 (via Reddit)