The new OnePlus 9R would be even cheaper than the Nord

The CEO of OnePlus has revealed some of the most important details of its new "flagship killer". This is what is known about the OnePlus 9R.

Details about the new OnePlus products for the event on March 23, they continue to arrive with a dropper. After officially confirming the OnePlus Watch, its first smartwatch; and detail the fast charging technology present in its new phones, the CEO of the company has now unveiled the details of the third terminal of this series, the OnePlus 9R.

And is that as we knew for some time, the OnePPlus 9 and 9 Pro would arrive accompanied by a third model, cheaper and with adjusted characteristics. Now, we know that this model is called OnePlus 9R, and that it will be priced even cheaper than the OnePlus Nord.

OnePlus Nord

The back of the OnePlus Nord in blue.

It will be the most affordable model in the OnePlus 9 series

In an interview offered to the portal News18, Pete Lau has not hesitated to confirm the existence of the OnePlus 9R, and its launch together with the new OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro.

In that sense, it states that the OnePlus 9R will be a device aimed at the Indian market, so for now it is not clear if the terminal will eventually reach the rest of the regions as it happened with the models of the Nord family.

This new terminal states that will offer an “experience of flagship robust ”, at a much more affordable price. For its part, the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will offer an experience premium at a higher price.

Regarding the differences between the models, Lau indicates that The OnePlus 9R will have the essential features of a flagship, with cuts that will serve to bring the experience closer to a wider audience.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the interview are the words that suggest that the OnePlus 9R could be a cheaper phone than the OnePlus Nord, a device that was once launched by 399 euros and quickly became one of the Most popular affordable terminals of the past year. For that reason, it is not surprising that the firm wants to take advantage of what it has learned to try to repeat the success of the first model in the Nord series with its new OnePlus 9R.

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