the new Google Chrome feature for displaying and executing quick commands in the browser

Chrome has a new experimental feature that looks pretty cool for those who love keyboard shortcuts and launchers. If you have ever used a browser like Vivaldi, it will be very familiar to you, as it is basically the same as the Quick Commands of this browser.

With this function active, just press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Spacebar to open a drawer where you can type all kinds of Google Chrome commands. The best thing is that the drawer is predictive and just by entering a letter it will show you all the available commands.

How to test Commander in Chrome

For now, Commander is only available in Chrome Canary, so you need to download and install that version of the browser on either Windows, Linux, or macOS. Once you have the canary version on your computer, you must activate the flag.

Google Chrome Commander

  • Write chrome: // flags in the URL bar and hit Enter

  • Type "Commander" (without the quotes) in the search engine

  • Enable the option by changing the selector on the right to Enable

  • Restart Google Chrome

Once active, you can launch the launcher from any tab. You just have to press CTRL + Space bar and type something. At the moment most of the commands are only in English, but some of them appear translated into Spanish, so it is almost certain that by the time this function enters the stable version of Chrome it will already be fully translated.

Google Chrome commands

Command launcher in Chrome

Another very useful and practical thing about Commander is that in addition to showing you the list of actions that you can execute, It also shows you the direct keyboard shortcut of each one, so it can be useful to learn or remember a few.

You can use the arrow keys to navigate through each command and press Enter to execute it, although you can also do it with the mouse by clicking on the command from the list you want to use.

Via | Techdows