The message that WhatsApp is sending to the whole world so that we accept its conditions

In case you've been to Mars in recent months, WhatsApp reminds you: either you accept their new privacy policies before May 15, or you will no longer have access to the messaging platform.

For weeks, months even, we have been circling the new terms and conditions of use of WhatsApp, draconian policies that have caused a massive exodus towards Telegram and other options, and that first made the leaders of the Facebook messaging service back down for now complete a getaway to ahead that will undoubtedly harm thousands of users.

And it is that yes friends, WhatsApp already has a new update, all users must accept If we want to continue using your platform, some new terms of use that were to be published in January but that have received a moratorium until May 15, day in which If you do not accept them, you will see how the WhatsApp service is blocked on your devices.

WhatsApp will not update its terms of use at the moment

WhatsApp does not back down with its new conditions, and warns: you accept the terms or the messaging is blocked.

We are already in March and the day is approaching, so little by little WhatsApp is sending reminders as the one that will come to you shortly, if you have not already done so, emphasizing that you have to review the new privacy policy and accept it explicitly to continue using the service: _ "Accept these updates to continue using WhatsApp", reads the message.

WhatsApp will update its terms and conditions of use in 2021, hello to advertising?

In addition, as our colleagues from GizChina told us, from Facebook they have finally answered the question of what will happen if we do not accept:

WhatsApp will not delete your account. However, you will not have all the functionalities of WhatsApp until you accept. […] For a period of time, you will be able to receive calls and notifications, but you will not be able to read or send messages from the app.

In that same message on his blog, WhatsApp also rushed to expand the detail to justify the new terms, notifying that they are working on new ways to chat with companies or buy directly from WhatsApp, which will be optional even accepting the conditions of use.

They also confirmed that messages will remain end-to-end encrypted, something that they now presume but that took longer than it should have arrived, and they warn that a banner with all the information so that we can review the terms as calmly as we need before accepting them definitively.

The thing is, as the situation is right now, There is only one option to continue on WhatsApp, which is to accept their new privacy policies and updated terms of use. Either that or convince your entire contact list to go with you to Telegram or other options, something that will cost time and will train your level of persuasion, since WhatsApp is undoubtedly a standard de facto from which it will be difficult to move many people.

At least, you should know that indeed the new terms do not provide Facebook, parent company of WhatsApp, the possibility of accessing our data nor to our personal information, and only really affect conversations with business accounts…. And you, are you willing to stop by to continue using WhatsApp?

This is what will happen to your WhatsApp if you do not accept their new policies

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