the lightest app promises to reach more than 170 countries

Instagram Lite is Facebook's answer to those who need a much lighter application and contained in functions. With a weight of only 2 MB, the app is enough and more than enough to offer a full experience. And finally it expands beyond the first test countries: Instagram Lite will be available worldwide.

Facebook is a company that not only has various mobile applications at the top of the download podium, it also tends to accumulate constant news in these applications. So many that currently opening Facebook or Instagram on your mobile means a considerable consumption of resources. To avoid this, Facebook has been creating lighter versions, known as 'Lite'. And Instagram is on the way to expanding its contained application to anyone who wants to use it: Facebook is eliminating the geographical limitation in the Google Play Store.

Instagram Lite removes much of its geographic limitation

Instagram Lite

Until now, the lightest Instagram application was limited to a few territories where Facebook was conducting initial tests. India was the main country for these tests, it is there where the particularities of Instagram Lite were used the most: lightness, operability up to 2G networks and the minimum to have a complete experience on Instagram.

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As Facebook assures, Instagram Lite has passed its initial testing period after more than a year offering the application in selected territories. For this reason, the company has decided to expand the unloading area to reach more than 170 countries. We do not know which countries are in particular because Facebook has not provided the list, but presumably the expansion is almost global. In fact, Facebook ensures that the next step will be expand Instagram Lite to the whole world, as is the case with Facebook Lite.

The Instagram Lite app will expand from today, Wednesday, March 10, to the more than 170 countries that Facebook has planned. If you want to download it, you will have to check if it is available through the Android store. And if you don't want to wait, you can always access the APK installation: Instagram Lite has no geographical restriction on use, only for downloading.

Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite

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