The latest Windows 10 patch fixes many bugs, but will be an optional download to avoid dramas such as printers

During the month of March a host of issues plagued the latest weekly Windows 10 security updates. First, Microsoft confirmed earlier this month that one of its updates was causing blue screen of death on computers connected to certain printers.

A few days later the company released a patch to fix the problem, but, surprise, the patch brought with it more problems instead of solutions and had to be withdrawn and re-released a few hours later. This time Microsoft is going an extra secure route, releasing a new patch that fixes multiple Windows 10 issues but doing it first as an optional update.

Monthly update "C" in preliminary version

It is an update in "preview", "preliminary version", or if you want to say, a beta of a patch, the same as we should receive all users as a mandatory security update on the first Thursday of April in the usual Thursday patches.

The idea is, give the opportunity first to those who have been affected by the problems that this patch solves to update as soon as possible, while making sure the patch doesn't cause more problems than it fixes.

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If you have been affected by any of the following problems, the optional update KB5000842 fixes them:

  • Fixed issue with zooming that occurs when using Microsoft Edge's IE mode on devices that use multiple high-pixel-density monitors.

  • Fixed issue causing High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays to appear much darker than expected.

  • Fixed issue that causes video playback to be out of sync in mirror mode when using multiple monitors.

  • Fixed issue that causes nothing or "Computing Filters" to be displayed indefinitely when File Explorer search results are filtered.

  • Fixed issue that makes the split layout unavailable for the touch keyboard when turning a device to portrait mode.

  • Informs users when a child account in the Family Safety Plan has administrative privileges.

  • Fixed issue that prevents closing toast notifications with the close button on touchscreen devices.

  • Fixed issue with 7.1 channel audio technology.

  • Fixed issue that causes a device to stop working if files or folders that OneDrive syncs are deleted.

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