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The Google Pixel update with synchronization of recorder, underwater camera, wallpapers and more

Google is bringing news to its Pixels thanks to the latest 'feature drop' unveiled by the company in the form of an update: the most recent Google Pixels receive synchronization of recordings with the cloud, they release new wallpapers and they have a new feature in the camera for underwater shots. The update is available from today.

Google takes special care of its smartphones since they not only offer the vision that the company has of Android, but also have unique features that can only be found on Pixels. For example, they have their own launcher, the Google camera, they offer exclusive widgets and offline detection of songs, among other functionalities. These are growing as the months go by thanks to the 'feature drop' updates. In March it plays one.

Voice recorder with backup copies and option to share audios

Google Pixel Recorder Web player for synchronized recordings

There are several improvements that come with the latest update of the Google Pixel. They concern various applications built into the software: from the recorder to the camera. And with news that had already been previously filtered, such as the synchronization of voice recordings with the cloud. Goodbye to losing recordings, hello to listening to them from the web.

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The Google voice recorder takes a noticeable leap in versatility thanks to the synchronization of recordings with the cloud. In this way, a backup is made that is restored with the configuration of a new Pixel. What's more, Google allows you to listen to synchronized recordings from the web: just go to this link to reproduce them. Y can be shared so anyone can listen to the audio notes.

The Google camera cannot escape the 'feature drop' since Google is used to continuously improving its capture software. This time the novelty concerns underwater photography: the algorithms integrated in the software allow photograph underwater getting the best shots. Of course, it is essential to use a housing suitable for immersion.

Underwater Photos Google Pixel Underwater photography in the Google Pixel taking advantage of a waterproof case

Google has improved the use of the Pixel as an alarm clock thanks to the Pixel Stand: after the update the mobiles will present a new night screen designed to fall asleep and avoid discomfort while you are sleeping. This will be helped by the notifications, which have been redesigned. It is only available for Google Pixel compatible with the Pixel Stand (and that have it).

Google Pixel Night

An important novelty concerns Google Fit: as the leaks advanced, the Pixels can measure heart and respiration rate by phone camera. Always for informational purposes, never medical.

Apart from the most notorious, the latest update of the Google Pixel integrates new commemorative wallpapers (They will add images according to important events, such as Women's Day) and the intelligent writing of Gboard (Smart Compose) will anticipate what is written in more applications. Of course, at the moment only in English.

Google Pixel Wallpapers March 8 commemorative wallpapers

The update of the Google Pixel has begun its deployment around the world. And it will reach the latest phones of the brand: if you have one, check if you already have it available. Android 12 is not required to receive the update.