The Gathering Arena can now be downloaded on all mobiles

You can now download Magic: The Gathering Arena on any Android terminal.

The new mobile game from developer Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering Arena It is now available for all Android terminals after leaving its beta version.

You can now play one of the best role-playing games on your Android device

You can now play one of the best role-playing games on your Android device

Magic: the Gathering Arena now available for everyone

Magic: The Gathering Arena is one of the most popular role-playing games that uses collectible cards to improve its characters and since 2019 its developer decided to port it to all kinds of digital platforms, first reaching Windows, then MacOS and now comes its mobile version, in which they had been working since 2018.

This new card game for mobile terminals was launched in early access mode on Android last January, having to meet certain requirements and have a compatible device to play it, but now its creators have already confirmed from the game's official account on Twitter that this title is now available to all users in the Google Play Store.

How to Play Magic: The Gathering Arena

If you have never played this title, do not worry because it incorporates a tutorial that will explain the game mechanics step by step and, in addition, it will allow you to practice by casual games against Artificial Intelligence so you can improve your skills.

The mechanics of this game are really simple: players use decks with cards that generate five separate colors of mana and use cards that consume that mana to cast spells, summon creatures, and perform special abilities. The objective of the game is reduce opponent's health to zero before they do the same to you before.

Magic: The Gathering Arena in action

Magic: The Gathering Arena in action

Also, as you play you can get daily rewards, participate in special events to get different prizes and thus get more cards for create your own decks, being able to use the most suitable one in each battle.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is a totally free game which, as usual, has in-app purchases of up to 49.99 euros and whose direct download link from Google Play Store we leave you below these lines.

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