The country with the most WhatsApp users takes a pulse on its privacy policy

India is not backing down and is already considering blocking the new and controversial privacy policies of WhatsApp and Facebook.

The Government of India of the ring, and it seems that lawsuits between different governments and large companies in the world are in fashion lately tech, with WhatsApp and its new privacy policies in question and the Indian administration embroiled in its outright rejection of these terms of use of "Accept them or die".

A few weeks ago, India stood before Facebook announcing that it would fight to block the controversial update in your country, and this is not trivial because puts its main market on the fridge for WhatsApp with hundreds of millions of users in the spotlight.

India stands up to WhatsApp

India stands up to WhatsApp and Facebook for their new privacy policies.

We will see what happens with all these movements around, because we have already seen WhatsApp back down in part delaying until May 15 the entry into force of its new Cough, and in this case the positions of both WhatsApp and the Government of India they seem immovable completely… And in the end then what, will Indian users be left without WhatsApp finally?

The message that WhatsApp is sending to the whole world so that we accept its conditions

A massive exodus to Telegram and Signal, and with the most important market for WhatsApp more in question than ever

The truth is that WhatsApp has received many criticisms in recent times, and not only criticism but an incessant trickle of users leaving their messaging services to go to Telegram and Signal in the biggest exodus in the platform's history.

It is not for less, and it is that as announced by Android Police and TechCrunch, among other means, it seems that nobody liked that certain data was shared with Facebook and your other social networks globally.

It has not sat well either the obligation to accept these terms to continue using the service per se, and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India has gone ahead by sending a request directly to the CEO of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, requesting that he withdraw completely this new privacy policy.

The messages "ephemeral" WhatsApp users reduce their lifespan to 24 hours

WhatsApp's new terms of service have become an industry bomb.

The letter in fact includes several devastating points who argue the withdrawal of these new terms of use of WhatsApp, questioning for example the differential treatment of the European Union where aspects of the privacy policy were negotiated that will remain unchanged.

They also request that it is clarified from Facebook what types of data will be collected and for what purposes, stating what vulnerabilities and possible security flaws may imply that share data between all Facebook apps to create global profiles of users.

Without receiving responses from Facebook, the Government of India goes one step further and escalates its requests to the High Court to prevent WhatsApp's new privacy policies from taking effect in its market.

In addition, it should be noted that the Government of India does not wrinkle, standing firm in its positions and filing a counter-affidavit in Superior Court to prevent these new terms of service from being implemented within your market in just two months, without there having also been movements from WhatsApp nor are there answers to the requirements.

They argue from the administration of the Asian giant that Facebook has not resolved the concerns raised by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, and that new policies will violate your laws if they are finally implemented.

It is a movement of enormous significance, as the Indian market means a whopping 400 million users for WhatsApp that are now in the limelight, their most important market, and right after that Facebook has invested 5.7 billion dollars at the largest telecommunications company in India ... Will there finally be an agreement before next May?

India stands up to the latest WhatsApp change: "it is not fair or acceptable"

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