the Chrome widget that lets you jam your video calls when you get tired of them

One year after the State of Alarm and the confinement of citizens were decreed in Spain, we all know how important video calls have become to everything, both to carry out your professional tasks and to talk with family and friends. But we also all know that there is fatigue from video calls (or "zoom fatigue" as even the creator of Zoom, Eric Yuan, admitted to having suffered on occasion).

Since video calling can be tiring, a solution for it has already appeared in the form of a free widget for the web and it's called Zoom Escaper. This feature allows you to sabotage your own calls. Its creators say that "Zoom Escaper is a tool that helps you escape from Zoom meetings and other video conferences. Allows you to self-sabotage your audio stream, making your presence unbearable to others".

From interference to baby cries


What this widget allows is that, when you are in a video call, you can choose between different options, very noisy, allowing you to excuse yourself to leave the conversation (or even have other users ask you to do so). These options include a lot of echo, wind noise, a simulated poor internet connection, dog barking, a crying baby, a man crying, a construction site, or the sound of someone urinating in the bathroom.

This widget it is only available for the Google Chrome browser. In order to sabotage your own video calls with Zoom Escaper you have to follow these steps:

  • Load the page in Chrome on the desk.

  • Enable microphone access on this site by clicking on the big button that says "Enable Microphone", which means "Enable Microphone".

  • Download and install VB-Cable (it is software that allows user to transfer audio streams from one application to another) and then refresh the website again.

  • Press the start button and play with the effects.

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To make use of this widget in Zoom, you have to carry out this process:

To use in Zoom you have to join the output of this page with the VB CABLE app and in Zoom indicate that your microphone is connected to VB Cable.To deactivate you just have to change the microphone settings in Zoom back to the microphone of your computer.

You have to know, as the creators of this idea indicate that, during your call with Zoom, you will not be able to hear the audio interference applied to your voice, only others will be able to hear it. The company has also created a video-tutorial to explain how to install this widget.

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