The best tools to consult the keyboard shortcuts of your operating system and your favorite programs

In our day to day, PC users use the keyboard primarily as a tool to enter text, but it also has another fundamental facet: the introduction of commands.

These commands, in some cases, are linked to single keys (like the Windows key, at least while operating from said OS), but we usually use them through combinations of several keys, what we call 'keyboard shortcuts'.

These keyboard shortcuts are a fundamental boost to our productivity, since speed up certain operations in comparison to its realization with the mouse.

The problem is that we normally restrict the use of these combinations to just a few, the most frequent, because due to their variety (and their variability between programs) end up being difficult to remember.

These are the best keyboard shortcuts and gestures for Windows 10

Hence the importance of having applications on hand whose sole purpose is to allow us to take a quick look at the full list of available keyboard shortcuts:

CheatKeys (Windows)


CheatKeys is a small but useful program that allows us keep the keyboard shortcuts for 69 of the most popular apps close at hand at all times.

How? Very easy: holding down the 'Control' key for a few seconds (the amount is customizable in the configuration), a list of all the keyboard shortcuts linked to the application that is running in the foreground will end up appearing.

If your favorite program is not on the list of those compatible with CheatKeys, the window that opens will make it easier for you ask your developers to join of that one in the next update.

Price: $ 12.99 (Free for the first two weeks)

Windows 10 Cheat Keys (Windows 10)

Screenshot 11

But if what interests you are not the keyboard shortcuts of the applications, but those of the operating system itselfOr, don't worry: in the Microsoft Store we can also find an application for that purpose.

Windows 10 Cheat Keys it's a little chopin englishs, yes), with some of the most popular keyboard shortcuts to handle Windows 10.

Price: Gratuitous.

CheatSheet (macOS)


How CheatSheet works is very similar to CheatKeys: it is a light application that runs in the background and, when we leave hold down the 'Command' key for three seconds, shows us a window that collects the keyboard shortcuts of the application to which the active window belongs.

An interesting fact: CheatSheet integrates with another free macOS app, CustomShortcuts, which allows edit keyboard shortcuts to personalize them.

Price: Gratuitous.

More on the WWW (Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.)


There are also websites that can be useful to us, such as Use The Keyboard or ShortcutWorld. In them are collect keyboard shortcuts from applications, web platforms, and operating systems popular of all kinds.

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