The best sights of Call of Duty: Mobile

Start improving your Call of Duty: Mobile skills using the best sights every time.

There are plenty of sights in Call of Duty: Mobile that you can equip to make yourself more deadly with each shot. However, depending on the situation you find yourself in, some may be more useful than others. For this same reason, today we will tell you which are the best Call of Duty: Mobile sights.

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Do you want to be the best of your friends playing Call of Duty: Mobile? Then discover which is the perfect sight for every occasion. Be careful, it would also be interesting for you to see these 10 strategies or tricks to survive in Call of Duty: Mobile. Similarly, we recommend that you try all the sights until you find one that suits your play style.

best looks call of duty mobile

Better Call of Duty sights; Mobile

Sniper's default look

The sniper gun It is one of the most lethal in the game because it can kill you with a single shot. We are talking about the perfect sight to equip when you are going to play on large maps and do full rush. One of the most used sights in Call of Duty: Mobile!

Look tactic

tactical look call of duty mobile

Look at Call of Duty: Mobile tactic

It is the scope that has the longest range after the default sniper. Nevertheless, It takes away a lot of vision and does not let you see to the sides. It is recommended only to use rifles, although it can be used in snipers only when it is a small map.

Red dot sight

Ideal for assault rifles, submachine guns and machine guns. It's one of the best sights in the game because has more vision than the previous ones, which translates into better aim. It is a scope that you can easily handle to defeat your enemies without suffering vulnerabilities due to lack of vision.

It is a look that it is used in long, medium and short distances. If it is a distance you must know how to play very well to get the most out of it. However, in shorts and mediums it will be very useful for you to destroy the enemy easily.

Holographic look

holographic look

Call of Duty: Mobile holographic look

It only works in submachine guns and is one of the sights that will take away the most vision. You must be careful when you use it in ranked as it will take away the accuracy of your weapon because you will miss more bullets by not having optimal vision. It is recommended to use only on closed maps.

Without sight

Sometimes the best look may be not having a (especially if you are using a rifle or submachine gun). Professional players do not use scopes because they have greater precision, although it is more difficult to carry out the movements within the map. Playing without sight allows you to control the recoil because you have more vision than normal and you know where to move your finger to aim.

Of course, you must practice a lot to master the technique of playing without a sight. When you are starting out, the results will probably not be as positive as you imagine. But after you've practiced, there won't be anyone who can handle you!

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