The best document scanner for your smartphone is this new Google application

Google introduces Stack as its smart alternative to CamScanner ... Organizing your important documents has never been easier!

In a few months in which we have gone crazy looking for the best apps for teleworking, the truth is that Google has taken a little longer than it should, but now he presents his option to help us organize our documents without too much effort, and with the possibility of digitizing all the important information.

In fact, this new application called Stack And which is already available on Google Play for US users, it could be something of a more powerful alternative to CamScanner that swims from the project incubator Area 120 by Google.

Stack, Google's advanced document scanner for Android

Stack, Google's advanced document scanner for Android.

Stack's idea, which is ultimately the work of Christopher Pedregal, the creator of Socratic himself, is that we can use artificial intelligence and computer vision to scan all of our important documents, being able to save and keep them ordered in a library on-line connected and always accessible.

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This is how Stack works

Its creators say that we are a little patient, because the application It is released only for Android and only for users in the United States, still with some problems in its algorithms that will be corrected over time.

What we do know is that Stack will be able to help us classify our documents in the simplest way what can you imagine, well just take a picture with the smartphone and wait for the app to do its magic.

Stack will take care of scanning any document, and based on the information it finds you can automatically assign a name to it and also suggest a category, which may be correct for your filing and which we can easily accept or change.

A parent in a pink sweater and blue pants looking at a mobile phone while their child plays with blocks. To the right is a closer up of the phone, showing sorting receipts using Stack.

The application will also allow find the most relevant information much faster, because its ability to scan and recognize all kinds of information in our documents will make it possible for you to find important entries such as appropriate quantities, expiration dates, or other data, which you can extract to allow us to access our important information without further effort.

In addition, it is a secure application that you can trust to the fullest, even in harsher environments business and business, since Stack uses all the advanced security technologies from Google to protect our documents with two-factor logins and biometric authentication with fingerprint or face scanning every time you try to access the application.

An animation showing a receipt from a store being scanned and saved.

Obviously, he was born in the incubator Google Area 120 has given you the possibility of knowing and exploiting Mountain View services to the fullest, so Stack can automatically save all our documents in Google Drive so that we always have a copy on hand.

Furthermore, this will prevent us from losing relevant information if one day we stop using Stack and delete the library, because we will always have our documents ordered in Drive.

The reality is that it has never been easier to sort our paperwork, so we will love that Stack comes out of its testing phase and opens up to the world so that we can test it in Spain and Latin America, also in our language.

Given its possibilities and its starting point, it seems that will have enormous potential and that his future, with him machine learning by flag, it will also be very promising ... Don't you think?

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