The best alternatives to VLC to watch all kinds of videos with the best performance on all types of PCs

Although VLC is the great dominator among the multimedia players that we install in Genbeta, and we are anxious for the arrival of its fourth version, which will bring a great redesign, there are alternatives that even improve its proposal in different sections.

We leave you several programs that stand out for their performance on old computers, such as PotPlayer, for their aesthetics, like IINA in macOS, or for their versatility and flexibility in terms of options, such MPC-HC and the forks that have been evolving its already discontinued code.

PotPlayer, the player that does it best on Windows

Potplayer 4k

After trying a wide variety of player applications, I found several mentions in forums of PotPlayer, a free player that is essentially KMPlayer, and that has a wide variety of integrated codecs, so it can play almost any content you find on the Internet. In its settings, it allows a great configuration and customization in the use of the general experience and throttle engines, a very convenient option given the variety of equipment with different hardware that exists.

With PotPlayer I have been able Play 4K video from modern cameras where VLC could hardly or could not, in teams from a few years ago. Therefore, it is my recommendation if you have a need such as watching 4K videos that you have recently recorded.

IINA, the look more modern for Mac


If you are looking for a change of scene when it comes to multimedia players in macOS, IINA is a great alternative to open source VLC, which in addition to being very powerful, has a modern air that, at the moment, the orange cone program does not have.

It has dark mode, image on image, search for online subtitles, integration with the Touch Bar with the trackpad through gestures. Beyond all this, it is an application that we love because it plays 4K YouTube video with its own controls.

It has PiP mode and automatic subtitle search. The only thing that fails it, at the moment, is to adapt to Apple silicon, although it works perfectly on a MacBook Air M1.

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MPC-HC, without official support but very valid today (and expanded with forks)


Media Player Classic Home Cinema stopped having support from its developers in 2017, as indicated on their own website, but is still more than valid for day to day, especially if what we are looking for is a light, flexible and compatible player with countless files.

In addition, it has built-in functions such as subtitle search, and allows you to adjust the image quality very deeply, being one of the options that best allows you to enjoy the content of the videos. After his goodbye, a fork (MPC-HC was an open source program) that is still more up-to-date is Media Player Classic-BE, which you can download here.

A former MPC developer keeps adding features to MPC-HC, and in February 2021 continue to update it, now providing it with decoding for formats such as the new AV1. Everything is to have options that expand the legacy of the player that amazed us until 2017.