the app launches 'Live View' indoors and more news

Google Maps has a few changes planned that promise to improve our use of the application. And one of them is extremely important for large closed places: Google Maps will offer indoor routes with directions through augmented reality of Live View. In addition, he plans to make travel and other developments cleaner.

The Live View It was a great improvement for those moments in which we are walking looking for the best way to anywhere. Thanks to augmented reality, and just by lifting the phone to eye level, Google Maps prints out directions to make it easy to get from point A to B; always without bumping into anything since we see what is ahead thanks to the camera. Of course, only outdoors. Until now.

Routes indoors and with directions through augmented reality

Applications like Google Maps make it much easier to find any place on the street, quite the opposite of what happens when we walk through the door of those places. Maps has maps of shopping centers, airports, train stations and many other large places, but until now we had to consult the old-fashioned map: placing ourselves in space and visually guessing which was the best way.

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As Google has communicated, Maps is preparing to significantly improve indoor travel. Thanks to the augmented reality of Live View, the maps application will offer the routes indoors so getting to the correct gate does not involve messing with directions. All with the simplicity of picking up the phone and seeing its directions.

This novelty will be expanding to telephones and always with a limitation: the number of enclosures that is supported is still low (Google ensures that it is only found in some spaces in the United States). Of course, when it becomes popular, and given that the company offers the plans of a multitude of large venues, Google Maps will be an invaluable help once we cross the doors of a large venue.

Google Maps Interior Directions for inland routes using augmented reality (Live View)

Apart from indoor navigation, Google Maps announced other new features:

  • Air quality. The application will offer a new layer to know the air quality in the different places.

  • Low emission areas notice. Google Maps will alert the user that they are driving through a low-emission area. In addition, it will take these spaces into account when calculating the routes; offering alternatives to get around them.

  • Calculation of greener routes. The platform will offer the most ecological alternatives to the routes that are drawn from the application. For this it will make use of icons and preferred displacements.

The news will be coming soon to Google Maps. We still don't know when: they will surely do it in the form of activation from the servers. Have to wait.

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