the acquittal in the case confirmed by the Murcia Provincial Court

The Provincial Court of Murcia has confirmed the acquittal of the four heads of SeriesYonkis that they were accused of alleged crimes against intellectual property and for acting "for profit and knowing the illegal nature of their activity."

The trial ended with his acquittal, which was appealed by the Public Prosecutor's Office as well as by the production companies Warner Bros. Entertainment, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Universal City Studios and the Entity for the Management of the Rights of Audiovisual Producers, among others.

Appeals are dismissed and the acquittal of those responsible for SeriesYonkis accused of violation of intellectual property is confirmed

Now how has advanced in a tweet the lawyer David Maeztu, the Chamber of the Provincial Court of Murcia has agreed to dismiss the appeals and confirm the acquittal which in its day issued the Criminal Court No. 3 of Murcia.

Managing link pages was not illegal

The ruling of the three magistrates of the chamber is based on the fact that SeriesYonkis it only linked third-party websites and did not contain the protected content itself. That, until July 1, 2015, did not constitute a criminal act and, therefore, neither did the activities of this website.

"There is no evidence that the defendants had control over the correct operation or not of the link they redirected, nor that they made sure at all times that it was operational and allowed effective access to audiovisual content," reflected the ruling of June of 2019. "It is not proven that none of the four defendants obtained direct economic income". In addition, due to the change in the legal situation, SeriesYonkis closed.

"Movies have never been uploaded or could not be uploaded on those websites. It is true that users were allowed to share links: what they pointed to depended on them"

On the other hand, the judges responsible for the ruling of the Provincial Court of Murcia acknowledge that the web users were aware of the redirection and that the downloads or reproductions in streaming were made from other pages, informs, which has agreed to the ruling. In addition, the sentence indicates, "there is no evidence that they had knowledge of the illicit origin of the information to which they sent or that it harmed any right." In the trial, likewise, the main defendant discharged responsibility for the links in the users: "On those websites, movies have never been uploaded or could not be uploaded. It is true that users were allowed to share links: what they pointed to depended on they".

This ruling joins others from the past, such as that of the Indicedonkey case, that ended with acquittals in 2001, or that of ByDirectDownload, who also won the legal battle twice. The first acquittal was appealed and the Girona Provincial Court confirmed the free dismissal of the proceedings against the web, concluding that the administration of link pages could not be considered illegal.