The 7 best websites to know who calls me on the phone

If you don't like answering calls from unknown numbers, you can always register your phone number on the Robinson List, which most large Spanish companies have promised to respect not calling the numbers collected in the same.

But if that is not enough, and they end up calling you anyway, you can always resort to certain websites or tools that can help you identify who has called you.

Today we are going to recommend some pages in which enter the phone number and discover more information about it: location, if it is related to a company, if it has been cataloged as spam, etc.

If you give me your phone number, you probably won't even imagine what I can find out about you.

Since some years, companies operating in Spain can no longer use a hidden identity at the time of calling us. Anyway, unfortunately there are still people who seek to steal our time or deceive us in some way.


Before listing the websites that can help us, a good option may be to install TrueCaller, a free app for Android and iOS which has a database of 3 billion phone numbers. This way you will know if it is worth pausing the movie or leaving a game the next time you are called.


Window And Listaspam Com You Want To Know Who Calls You By Phone

No need to register to use ListaSpam, a website that allows us to perform reverse phone searches for free. They claim that thanks to their platform many scams have been identified:

"It is recommended to search our system before answering any call to an unknown or suspicious number to really know who is calling me and their intentions. Numerous scams have been identified on our website thanks to this simple method."

You will simply have to place the number in the search engine and it will indicate if there are complaints or records of it. What's more, you have the option to report a number, specifying the type of call: survey, telemarketing, suspected scam, etc.

Who calls me


Although the page is in English, Who Calls Me allows us to make phone searches around the world. The operation is identical, and after placing the number in the search engine the information will appear or we will have the option to report it.

Remote control

Remote control

Teledigo is a platform full of information about phone numbers. As always, a search engine appears on the top left to place the phone number.

If no comment appears we can indicate, by means of three simple icons, if it is a "safe, neutral or toxic" number. It is a website with a very active community and they even allow us to navigate directly through the comments.

Who has called?

Who's called

Who called me is found available in four languages: Spanish, French, English and German. Below the classic search engine we can read a statement of intent and just after a series of reviews about phone numbers.



As in Teledigo, when accessing Tellows we see a search engine in which to enter the phone number and just below we can discover the comments that have been recently added.

One of the positive points is that in the upper right we have the option to change the country, offering a really wide list.

Furthermore, this platform has a free application for Android and iOS, being able to access this information "in real time". As always, both on the web and in the app we have the option to report received calls.

Who calls me?

Window And Who Calls Me Finds Out Who A Telephone Number Belongs To

The design of Who's calling me is very minimalist and when we enter we already see a large search engine on which to place the number we want to consult. Just below appear scam stories and spam phones.


Window And Who Calls Me Spam Telefonospam Es

In addition to the classic search engine, the cover of TelefonoSpam includes the top of searched phones and the top of phones classified as Spam (list headed by 11887).

We can also send complaints, find out which phones have been searched and navigate by national and international prefixes.

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