The 7 best book websites to read books for free

Thanks to the Internet we spend the day reading: publications on social networks, articles in media like this, news, etc. Today we are going to go one step further, compiling the best websites where we can find free access books that we can then read peacefully on one of our devices.

Obviously, We have only taken into account those platforms in which copyright is not infringed: either they have authorization or they are classic works that are already part of the heritage.


24symbols is a platform that has been created by Spaniards and which we can access from our computer, smartphone or tablet. It has a premium version (€ 8.99 per month) with which we can enjoy the full catalog, without advertising and with unlimited downloads.

Window And 24symbols Access A World Of Books

In any case, on this website there is a section dedicated to free books, and we will only need to create an account to be able to read them. There are books for all tastes: from "learning to play poker", science fiction novels, books to quit smoking or having a better relationship with our co-workers.

Public domain

As its name indicates, this website aims to collect and disseminate works that are already part of the public domain (which currently have already expired copyright).

Window And Public Domain

The design of the web is not the most attractive in the world, but it is very simple to use. On the left side we will see a bar with the alphabet, in which you can quickly access the author's surnames.

Once we have entered the author, the available works will appear, which we have the option of reading directly from the browser or downloading.

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House of the book

La Casa del Libro, despite being known as one of the most important platforms and stores to buy books, also has a free section where we can read eBooks directly from the web.

House of the book

The truth is that there are quite a few books that are grouped by gender: novels, about economics, essays, etc. It must be made clear that it is also necessary to create a free profile to be able to access the platform and read them.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutemberg is one of the oldest electronic book repositories, which has more than 60,000 totally free eBooks. They can be consulted directly from the web or downloaded to read on the Kindle, etc.


The page is in English, but we can find books in more than 50 languages, including Spanish. As usual, we can also browse the names of the author, work or discover which are the 100 most read.

The design of is not exactly the most current, but on this website we can find more than 56,000 works: books, documents, audiobooks, etc. On its cover they make it clear that it is a platform where copyright is respected:

"Our mission is to promote culture throughout the world without violating current legislation."

Window And Internal Search Of Libroteca Net Free Books Classics Of Literature Thousands Of Books

We have the option to browse by authors, by the title of the books, by the language, etc. Once we have found a title that we want to read, the format it is in will appear: * .TXT, * .PDF, * .EPUB, etc.

Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library

The Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library is a bibliographic collection that has works by Literature, History, Sciences, etc. It was created by the Government of Spain under the tutelage of the University of Valencia.


It has more than 5,000 complete works by Spanish and South American classical authors, which can be read directly from this portal. In addition, the design of this platform is very correct and it is very easy to use the search engine to find interesting books.


Wikisource is a library full of books that are free of copyrights (public domain, GFDL license or similar). Dispose of more than 114,000 books that we can read directly online or download to open them on any device.


We can navigate by the author's last name, title of the work, period, genre or country. What's more, the cover is updated with the latest additions, related extracts, ephemeris, etc.. And, best of all, all the works we find are published or translated into Spanish.

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