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If you are made to intelligent lighting systems Very possibly Yeelight will sound to you, and it is that in recent years it has become quite known as a result of selling, for millions, smart bulbs compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa or Apple HomeKit.

As if that were not enough, this manufacturer has also been working for a while under the Xiaomi umbrella, something that has undoubtedly made its products always among the best sellers in ecommerce What Amazon or AliExpress.

Yeelight bulbs

Yeelight is selling off many of its smart lighting products in its AliExpress store.

Now Yeelight celebrates its eleventh anniversary lowering prices, from its AliExpress official store to many of their products. Although you can access all the offers through its official store, we have selected those that seem most attractive to us. Lights, camera and Yeelight!

Gamer light bar for 62 euros

Light bar

This is what the Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro looks like.

If you want to give a differential touch to your set up gamer you have to take a look at this light bar smart for your monitor. The Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro sits on top of the monitor to create a gaming experience through its lights much more immersive.

Also, the light integrates with some of the major gaming rigs and is 100% controllable from our smartphone using the Mi Home app. Use it to interact with your set up by voice, as a reading light or simply to intensify or relax the gaming environment. The possibilities are almost endless, not so its price, which drops to 62 euros if you apply the coupon R0GX1UNV23IS.

Smart LED bulb for 10 euros

Yeelight bulb

Yeelight has a minimal price LED smart bulb.

Looking for an LED bulb that is easy to connect, cheap and with an above-average result? This Yeelight light bulb has everything you need at a price that is truly groundbreaking. With a discount of more than 30%, Yeelight liquidates its LED bulbs at prices ranging from the 10 eurosjust remember to use the GU10BULB coupon.

In the same way you also have a more complete version of the previous smart bulb with screw head by less than 12 euros. Be careful because we are talking here about one of the best-selling smart bulbs on the market, which also has the blessings of a firm like Xiaomi.

Compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and the Google Assistant, the Yeelight 1SE is capable of creating fully programmable environments with our voice or our mobile phone. To access the lowest price you will have to use the coupon E5WSPVO76G31.

Smart table lamp charger for 55 euros

Yeelight table lamp

Charge your mobile wirelessly with the Yeelight lamp.

Another Yeelight product worth taking a good look at is its smart table lamp, which also has a built-in wireless charger with which you can recharge, without cables, the battery of compatible devices.

Like the rest of the products, you can control the lighting using your mobile, either through Apple HomeKit or with the Mi Home application. With a very “Xiaomi-inspired” minimalist design, this Yeelight table lamp drops in price to a mere 50 euros. Just use the coupon 3XASMO3B4OZG in your purchase.

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Remember that you can check all the offers in the Yeelight official store on AliExpress, where you will find more discounts than those discussed here. Finally, if you end up taking advantage of the anniversary promotionRemember that all Yeelight products include a one-year warranty and will arrive within a period of no more than two weeks.

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