still the most counterfeit mobile brand

Samsung, the best-selling Android firm ... and the most counterfeit.

If we talk about current major brands in the Android phone market, the first one that comes to mind is Samsung. The South Korean company remains to this day as the main pillar of Google's operating system and it is its terminals, whether they are high, medium or low-end, they are the best sellers today.

Now, Samsung has another reason to show its chest in addition to its good sales figures. Being the best-selling Android firm, it is also the most falsified and that is because the firms that are dedicated to falsifying terminals have it clear: Samsung is the example to copy.

Samsung, the most falsified mobile firm

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Samsung, the firm with the most fake copies

We read in CNBeta that China, in addition to being one of the countries with the largest number of inhabitants, it is also one of the countries where more counterfeits are sold.

Counterfeit smartphones are sold more than desired, with Samsung being the firm with the most replicas on the market. From March 2020 to February 2021, AnTuTu identified more than half a million counterfeit devices.

Samsung leads the way as the most counterfeit firm in that country. They are followed by Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor and OPPO.

Coincidentally, the model with the most imitations is still the same as last year, the Huawei P10. To give you an idea, there are up to 66,000 fake units of this model. The second terminal with the highest number of copies is the iPhone X with almost 16,500 units.

Fake phones carry a lot more problems than you might think. The copies are increasingly realistic so it is possible that an inexperienced user can not see the differences between a real model and a fake, although thanks to 5G today it is easier. The reason is very simple, fake terminals currently do not support 5G since they use very old processors like the Helio P23, the MT6735 or the MT6737.

One of the easiest methods to know if we have bought a true or false model is through the IMEI number. If you do not know how to do it, we leave you a complete tutorial with which you will stay really calm. You know, do not give you a pig for a hare.

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