Stereo, the Clubhouse with which you can earn up to 10,000 euros a week if you get enough listeners

Stereo is presented as the main application of podcasting Social. His motto is "speak freely" and his main attraction a contest in which 100,000 euros are distributed each week. "All you need to do is talk to friends or your favorite Stereo hosts," explains the platform, although the essential thing is your ability to convene.

If you are a well-known face on the network of networks, such as Auronplay, you can get 10,000 euros by summoning your followers; the streamer achieved such a sum last week, reaching 26,054 listeners. But, for now, they do not make great masses to win some money: the last classified with an economic prize got 50 euros for gathering 63 listeners in their Stereo broadcasts.

They don't make huge crowds to earn some money; with just 60 listeners a user can get 50 euros in the weekly Stereo contest

How Stereo works and how you can win money in the contest

Results of the last weekly Stereo contest.

Results of the last weekly Stereo contest.

To understand us, broadly speaking, Stereo it becomes a kind of Clubhouse. The phenomenon that has given so much to talk about lately. The main differences have to do with the profile of the users who currently live on each of these platforms: eIn the case that concerns us, well-known names of the world come to the fore stream like Auronplay himself, Perxitaa, El Xokas or Wismichu. In addition, Stereo is for iOS, but also for Android. And important: shows they are one to one, not corals.

And beyond that: the money. While Clubhouse is still trying to figure out how to offer monetization options to its users, Stereo has chosen to put a significant amount of money each week to distribute among those who take the most public to their social network. There is a contest per language and each language includes certain countries. In the case of Spanish, the contest distributes 100,000 euros among users of Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Andorra.

In Stereo, the broadcasts are carried out between two people, hand in hand, with interventions from the listeners through voice messages

What is Stereo and how does the live podcast-based social network work

The first prize is 10,000 euros, the second is 7,500 and the third is 5,000.. The fourth follows, receiving 2,000 euros, the fifth 1,500, the sixth 1,000 and the seventh 500 euros. From there, from the eighth to the fifteenth, 300 euros. From the sixteenth to the twenty-fifth, 200. From the twenty-sixth to the hundredth, 100. And from the hundredth to the two hundredth, 50 euros.

To participate in the contest (and on the platform itself), simply register. We will need to download the application from Google Play or the App Store, indicate our phone number that we will have to confirm by means of the code that will arrive via SMS, enter our name, date of birth and username.

Stereo lets you start a conversation directly or schedule it, Clubhouse style

Stereo lets you start a conversation directly or schedule it, Clubhouse style.

We can schedule the realization of 'shows' with other users or, directly, improvise broadcasting immediately with another random user that the platform will assign us

Once this is done, we will have to create an avatar, in the style of Apple's Memojis, and we can start both broadcasting and listening to other broadcasts intervening in them if we wish. In this case, instead of live as in Clubhouse, it is done by leaving an audio message. It is also possible to chat with unknown users.

To start a broadcast, from our profile we can create a new Show giving it a title, a description, a category, indicating the guest that we will have, as well as the date and time of the live broadcast. Although the fastest and most improvised thing is, from the main screen, press the button Go Live. Stereo will match us with another user willing to start a broadcast. Or start a live with a friend by accessing their profile and choosing the option Start Live.

Broadcasting of live conversations is important to achieve the greatest number of simultaneous live listeners, the main criterion of the contest.

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Stereo offers the ability to share live conversations through links, sharing on platforms or direct notifications to contacts.

What does a live trivia have to put 240,000 people from all over the world in front of their iPhone

The most important thing for those who are interested in trying to make some money with live shows are the listeners. And, to bring them together, the fundamental thing is to disseminate shows. The sharing options allow us to obtain the link of the live broadcast or share it on Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and other platforms, as well as with our contacts

We must bear in mind that there are certain rules that must be met in order to be eligible for the weekly contest prizes. For example, conversations cannot be broadcast on other platforms, users must be of legal age, silence cannot be maintained for more than 5 minutes at a time, listeners cannot be remunerated in any way, pre-recorded audio cannot be played. , or spread disinformation. What's more, a single person cannot earn more than $ 150,000.

So far, this is the fourth contest promoted by Stereo among its users

This, as the rules make clear, is not Stereo's first contest. So far, the platform has had others who have already passed away and focused on getting the largest number of followers or accumulating a greater number of listeners. They all finished and for now the only one in force is the one that rewards conversations with the greatest number of simultaneous live listeners anytime.

From Badoo to Stereo

Stereo arises in London and is sponsored by the founder of Badoo, Andrey Andreev, one of its main investors.

More than a year ago, the businessman sold his stake in MagicLab, owner of the dating apps Badoo and Bumble. Currently, the Blackstone fund holds the majority stake. MagicLab was then valued at $ 3 billion. Andreev and the founder of Bumble, who took over as CEO after the acquisition, had about 80% of the group.