Spotify launches a new design in its desktop application and web player bringing back the 'offline' mode

Spotify has launched this Wednesday an update of its desktop application and web player that renews the design that until now they had been showing. The new face of app It also includes new functionalities with the aim of improving the listening experience and facilitating access to preferred content.

This redesign of the interface comes after months of tests, research of use and collection of user opinions, according to the company. We review the news.

New design brings the ability to download songs (and podcasts) for offline listening back to the desktop

Improved design, more controls ... and mode offline

Explore New Filters In Library 1

New filters for the 'Your library' section. / Spotify

Surely what first catches our attention about the new design is the scrolling of the search engine. The new design has placed it on the left side of the navigation page where, in addition, prominently incorporates each user's favorite songs and artists. It also changes the way we can play a radio station of a song or artist: by clicking on the function ... from the menu will suffice. Of course, not everyone will be surprised by the change of location because we have been living with it on the web for some time.

Playlists are also getting news with this update. Changes that are intended to make it easier to create playlists and have more control over them. When it comes to giving them forms, with this redesign we will be able to incorporate descriptions, upload images, order existing songs in those already created and add new content through a new search bar that has been embedded. In general, already existing options in a very similar way, although improved.

Spotify Desktop Update Promises Easier, More Controlled Playlist Creation

It is also important to note that in the desktop application users they will be able to edit the play queue and see the songs they have recently listened to, in addition to that they will be able to order their library with a new drop-down menu located in the upper right corner.

After testing the hi-fi music from Tidal, Qobuz and Amazon Music, I have no doubt that I will be using Spotify HiFi

After Downloaded Music Playlist

Spotify's redesign brings offline mode back to the desktop. / Spotify

Another great novelty aims to save users premium some bandwidth with mode offline. Subscribers, indicate from Spotify, can download both music and podcasts to be played offline just by pressing the download button on the app desktop. A functionality that those who move the most will appreciate that it returns because the platform of streaming He already had it, although it was withdrawn.

The new look of Spotify aims to align the user experience between the desktop application and the web

Last but not least, Spotify includes new keyboard shortcuts for command lovers. We can see them in the desktop application, on PC, by pressing Control +?, And on macOS with Command +?.

The new design and the news it brings They begin to be available from today and their deployment will be carried out progressively at a global level over the next few weeks. being available both for users of the free version and for premium. Spotify is available on the Microsoft Store, the Epic Game Store, and for macOS from here. You can also use the web player taking advantage of its benefits and also enjoying the updated interface.

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