Spotify buys Locker Room to enhance future Clubhouse-style live engagement offering

Spotify has acquired Betty Labs, the creators of Locker Room, a live audio application that will help Spotify improve the function you are working on to offer live broadcasts like a traditional radio. This acquisition serves its future live content in the sports sector, which is Betty Labs' specialty.

The firm has not given a fixed date on when it will launch these broadcasts to its users but it has said that, in the coming months, Spotify will work on integrating Locker Room capabilities into its own offering. Through this traditional radio-style format, Spotify will offer a series of sports, music and cultural programs and "interactive functions that will allow creators to connect with audiences in real time." The firm has not gone into depth on what these functions will be like.

Platforms bet on the Clubhouse style

Club House

The goal that Spotify seeks is that professional athletes, writers, musicians, songwriters or podcasters want to use the platform to organize discussions or sessions from “ask me what you want.” Betty Labs arrives with a team of developers, engineers, product thinkers and sports fans. first introduced Locker Room to sports fans in October 2020.

Remember that since the arrival of Clubhouse and its success, many social platforms have been working to offer live audio interactions. Telegram and its audio rooms on its channels; Twitter has Spaces; among other. Now Spotify will have its own feature in this regard. Thanks to this app in which users, athletes and analysts can meet and chat about live sports.

Seizing the opportunity to offer live interactions


Another of the successful opportunities that Betty Labs will offer to Spotify is to take advantage of the opportunity to offer greater interaction between public figures and their followers which is being used by many platforms in general. "Ask me anything" or ask me anything is a regular feature in the stories of well-known people on Instagram, while Facebook is working on "Super", a space where users can pay famous people to interact with them and what the competition does to Cameo. Not forgetting Twitch that was one of the precursors of this claim.

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Also, Spotify It will also compete with other streaming content apps. This traditional radio format is already present in Tidal, one of Spotify's great competitors to which the firm wants to compete in its greatest strengths.

Not only is working on your live content, but a few weeks ago it presented Spotify HiFi, its proposal to rival Tidal, Qobuz or Amazon Music.

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