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Samsung surprised us last year by announcing that several dozen of its terminals would have three years of operating system updates, to which an important detail was added a year later: all mobile phones launched after 2019 would have four years of guaranteed security updates.

Now, Samsung has updated the page with information about its security patches, ending the ambiguity about how often the terminals will end up updating in the low ranges or in their fourth year: twice a year.

Four years at different speeds

Samsung has raised the bar on security in its terminals, promising four years of security updates, although will arrive less or more frequently depending on which terminal we are talking about and what year of support we are in.

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Obviously, high-end and foldable mobiles will receive monthly security patches, while mid-range terminals will receive them once a quarter. Upon reaching the third year of security updates, mobiles will begin to receive security updates less frequently and, During the fourth year of support, they will receive two updates per year.

The novelty is that Samsung until now categorized these last terminals as "other regular updates", without specifying exactly how many updates a year there were. Samsung has removed the ambiguity, updating its list of supported terminals with the last semi-annual category. As of today, the Samsung mobiles that receive these two security updates per year are:

  • High-end models: Galaxy S8 Lite, Galaxy Note FE

  • Samsung Galaxy A: Galaxy A6, Galaxy A6 +, Galaxy A7 (2018), Galaxy A8 + (2018), Galaxy A8 Star, Galaxy A8s, Galaxy A9 (2018)

  • Samsung Galaxy J Galaxy J2 Core, Galaxy J3 (2017), Galaxy J3 Top, Galaxy J4, Galaxy J4 +, Galaxy J4 Core, Galaxy J5 (2017), Galaxy J6, * Galaxy J6 +, Galaxy J7 (2017), Galaxy J7 Duo, Galaxy J7 Prime2 , Galaxy J7 Pop, Galaxy J7 Top, Galaxy J7 Max, Galaxy J7 Neo, Galaxy J7 +, Galaxy J8

  • Samsung Galaxy M: Galaxy M10, Galaxy M20

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab: Tab A (2017), Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018), Galaxy Tab S3, Galaxy Tab S4, Galaxy Tab E 8 Refresh

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