So you can replicate the new logo of the Spanish Football Federation using only free templates and tools

In recent times, it seems that every time a public body decides to renew its corporate image opened thunder box of the controversy. It has a lot to do with the trend of progressive simplification of logos that has been imposed in the graphic design sector for a few years, which to the inexperienced eye can convey a sense of apathy, something problematic when the design has been paid for with public money.

That was the case of the recent controversy with the change in the corporate image of Correos de España, a few months ago, and It has been so again today with the latest logo presented by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), which replaces from today the historic logo based on Miró's work (although not his own).


You remember this controversy, right?

The new logo has not been well received in networks (where there are already memes focused on their resemblance to a Canva application template), but "doctors has the Church" (in this case, graphic design) and, of course, professionals know that designing a corporate image is even in controversial cases like this, something more complex than it seems.

But the meme of yore has given us an idea: check If it is true that, in less than an hour and only with free tools, we can recreate the new RFEF logo. Let's see.

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The template on

We access, we register by indicating our name and email and, after choosing the password, the platform will ask us what use we want to give our account: teaching, use for large companies, for SMEs, for NGOs, staff ... we select the latter and continue with the registration process.

Once we decline the free 30-day trial of Premium (paid) features, we will be asked what type of material we want to design. We choose "Logo", and we begin the process of searching for a template.

We will be offered a multitude of them, classified into various themes, but we ignore them and go directly to the search engine, we type "red round"In case the flute sounds and ... there it is! Well, it actually has a salmon colored background, but that's easily fixed.

Canva Template

We can change the color in the icon in the upper left corner of the drawing area. We select the option "New color" and choose by eye (if we have a good eye) or we introduce the hexadecimal code of red used in the RFEF logo (# E5002B).

In our case we have obtained this data by uploading the original logo in Paint.Net (a free image editor) and using the color selection tool.

Canva Color

Once that is done, we edit the logo text with a double click, changing it to 'RFEF'. Well, it would already be, right? Well no, yet there is something wrong: the typographySince none of the sources that Canva offers us seems to be close enough to the original.

Canva Text

So let's close Canva and open another tool ... not without first download our logo in standard PDF format.

Canva Download

The typography in WhatTheFont

The next step is know which typeface best matches the original. For this there is an online tool called WhatTheFont (integrated within that allows us to identify fonts from an image. So that we load the original logo in the system, we make sure that it is recognizing the text well, and click on the blue arrow of 'Click here to identify the selected font'.


We will see a list of fonts, little known and most of the payment ... but, be careful, there there is a very similar font to the logo for € 0!


We can acquire it from the same website, registering but without providing payment details. At the end of the 'purchase' process, we will download a compressed file: we only have to unzip, open and install.


Final touches with Inkscape

Last step: install and open the Inkscape vector graphics editor (open source) and use it to open the PDF file that we downloaded from Canva. We make double click on the letters of the logo until two of them are selected, we right-click and select 'Text and typography'.

Screenshot 3

From the menu that opens we can change the font by selecting the 'Velodroma Basics Wide' that we downloaded and installed just now, and we can also add a space between both letters, to help us bring our logo closer to the proportions of the original. Once that is done, we repeat the process with the two letters below; and ready!

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