Signature Hound, the tool to create free e-mail signatures that can be displayed correctly in a multitude of clients

Signature Hound is described as an online tool to generate and manage email signatures. Its creator (since the entire platform is the work of a single man), Madison Giles, came up with the idea of ​​creating it during the time he worked as a web programmer in an agency:

"Anyone who has ever encoded for email knows what a nightmare is. Well, encoding email signatures is 5 times worse!"

So Giles decided to quit his job and embark on the adventure of creating the Signature Hound. And all the work done since then has allowed him to come to a conclusion:

"Now I firmly believe that it is impossible to build a single HTML template that renders perfectly on all clients of e-mail.

Signature Hound actually detects which email client your signature is installing and makes behind-the-scenes adjustments to that client's specific code. "

How to add multiple signatures to Gmail and decide when to use each one

That's how it works

This platform makes it easy for us to customize our signature, using a style and color picker and facilitating the integration of the logo and the profile image of our company.

But this customization tool does not force you to work from scratch: those users with programming skills will be able to upload their own pre-templates and use Signature Hound to improve them.

Once the signature is created, it provides us with the power share it with the rest of the employees (unlimited number), which in turn will be able to personalize it with their own personal data.

And finally, when all users have their own signature, Signature Hound will guide you through the task of installing it on a wide range of email clients different. In the event that ours is not available, the system offers us the option to copy and paste the HTML code.

A 100% free option

Knowing all this, what are the fees to access the different subscription options for this service? Well then... none: it's free. It has not always been, yes.

What has happened is that Giles has gotten a new job and, since the platform does not have anyone else working on it, he has decided that "he can no longer give paid subscribers the support they deserve", in such a way what decided to unlock all the features of the premium option and make them available to all users.

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