Seven YouTube channels to exercise and stay in shape without leaving home

The quarantine was very long and, although fortunately we can now go out of the house for a run, in many cases exercising at home is a habit. For those who want to do something more sport, it may be a good idea establish an exercise routine to be able to remedy it.

There are many applications to exercise from home, but if you are looking to get away from in-app purchases or have to be researching which one best suits your device, you will we are going to recommend some YouTube channels that will help you do workouts in these days of isolation.

Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone

Let's start with something easy. Walking is an exercise that almost everyone can do, but it can be a bit tricky when you can't go outside.


Leslie Sansone's 'Walk at Home' channel is a good resource for those who want to exercising by walking without the need for a treadmill.


In the Vitónica channel we can find hundreds of videos related to training, and many of them are designed to be done without having to leave our house.


A good example is the training that appears on these lines, in which they teach us to exercising using a broomstick. A few weeks ago this might sound a bit ridiculous, but in this quarantine period it is great to be able to play sports with items that are available in our home.

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Pilates for beginners

Those people who were used to doing sports outdoors may not know what kinds of exercises they can do from home. Pilates is ideal to perform in a very small space, and DeportesUncomo has a complete course for beginners.


In total they are twelve videos, with an average duration of about ten minutes. These routines will help us improve elasticity, flexibility in the legs or prevent back pain.

Fausto Murillo

Fausto Murillo's channel has more than 3.4 million subscribers, and we can currently find dozens of videos on healthy eating or training plans for all levels.


Yoga With Adriene

Adriene Mishler is the head of Yoga With Adriene, a channel with more than four million subscribers. His strong point is the calm voice (in English) with which he explains each of the positions.


She is cool, and has a great sense of humor. A good example is the video that appears at the top, in which he teaches us how to do yoga to cure a hangover.

Virtual Gym

Gym Virtual is a channel with more than 7.5 million subscribers, in which Patry Jordan has hundreds of videos (in Spanish) with different workouts. For example, this cardio routine that lasts 20 minutes:


Thousands of free movies and books to ease these days of isolation


With almost six million subscribers, FitnessBlender is a specialized channel for suggesting workouts for people with little time or a little lazy. There are more than 500 workouts, with durations ranging from five to forty-five minutes.


Elena Malova

This YouTuber of Russian origin has a channel full of yoga classes, glute or abs workouts. For example, in the following video we have a class of more than twenty minutes, and it is appreciated that you take special consideration that the postures are performed well.


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