Seven (+1) streaming video platforms in which to watch series and movies in 4K in Spain

When it comes to watching movies and series in 4K quality, there are various platforms with streaming content available in the Spanish market. If you have a 4K UHD TVYou must also know what platforms are there to get the best out of it.

Remember that a 4k movie or series has a high quality image. These contents have gained a lot of popularity and here is a summary of the best platforms available in Spain:


This is It used to be called Wuaki.TV, it also offers content in 4K. In order to access it, you must have a television from a selection of brands. Among the models compatible with the 4K catalog there are several from Samsung, Panasonic or Hisense, for example. Movies can be purchased or rented and from the web.

Rakuten is also trying to get on the list of services that produce their own content. His production company Rakuten Cinema debuted in April 2018. Otherwise, his catalog does not have big names of its own like those of other competing services. The main differentiating feature of this service is that it offers different types of experience, it is like a three in one where you can find the classic content service under monthly subscription, but also an online video store with new releases for which you have to pay separately.

Bravia core

Last January Sony announced a new streaming service integrated into Sony televisions with movies in 4K HDR and bitrate of up to 80 Mbps. Bravia Core is the name of Sony's streaming service, which at the moment will arrive integrated into your new Sony Bravia XR televisions. Unlike services like Netflix or HBO, Bravia Core will initially be tied to Sony televisions and will be a gateway to more than 100 Sony Pictures Entertainment titles.

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In his ad he remembers the brand that has reached several countries in Europe, including Spain. It should be noted that this 2021, Sony Bravia televisions are supported by the entertainment division, responsible for films such as 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' or 'Venom', to create an application that allows access to the house brand content.

Atresplayer Premium

Service Atresplayer allows you to see the television channels in Spain and brands such as Flooxer or Novelas Nova. For 4K content it is necessary to use the Atresplayer Premium service that allows the download of exclusive content (except for Nova soap operas) and subscribers do not have ad interruptions. It takes up series that were originally broadcast on Antena 3 and creates new seasons exclusively for the service.

Disney +

Disney + is another of the platforms available with 4K content. It has sections with content from Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel or National Geographic and since February, in Spain, it also offers Star, a new section or sub-platform in which the American company is going to offer a set of series and movies focused on the adult audience.

Regarding image quality, Disney + has the best of all streaming platforms alongside Apple TV +.

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Apple TV +

Being an Apple platform, it is not available on computers with Chromecast unlike most, but Yes, this service can be accessed on AppleTV, iOS, SmartTV, FireTV, Windows (iTunes) and on the web. It is a subscription section of the Apple TV application.

It should be said that its catalog is quite limited compared to the rest of the services, but it is true that it sells many movies in 4K. Its strategy is based above all on creating content with big names in the entertainment world, highlighting Steven Spielberg's 'Amazing Stories' episodes or content in collaboration with Oprah Winfrey.


One of the most popular, even more so since the pandemic led us to spend more time at home with strict confinement involved. It's recommended that the Internet speed is 25 Mbps or higher to view its contents. This company was born in 1997 although in the last years it has become very popular.

As the company itself explains, Ultra HD streaming is available on Netflix on various 4K devices. You also need a 60Hz TV or computer monitor that supports Ultra HD streaming from Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video

In 2006, the online sales giant Amazon launched its streaming content service. In 2014 4K content reached its offer, although, of course, for those users with equipment capable of supporting this quality of content. At the end of December, a comprehensive analysis by Genbeta showed that the quality was higher than Netflix although, users are usually guided more by the content it can offer.

As indicated by those responsible for this service, Prime Video recommends a minimum download speed of 1MB / s for SD content and 5 MB / s for HD content. The quality of streaming playback is, of course, a function of the speed of available bandwidth.

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HBO Max: we will have to wait until the end of 2021

This is another of the most popular platforms for streaming 4K content. But be careful It has not yet arrived in Spain, although it has been announced that it will arrive. What is here is HBO, which has a unified video quality on all platforms and browsers, allowing content to be played at 1080p (although the image quality is notably lower than Netflix and Amazon).

In the United States it is very popular since is a service owned by WarnerMedia Entertainment, a division of WarnerMedia, a subsidiary of AT&T. In Spain it is known for now that it will arrive during this year 2021 and will have a version with ads for those who want to pay less for the subscription.

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