Sensa Emoji is a perfect free, open source and vector emoji pack to use in your projects

it is becoming more common opt for emojis to illustrate all kinds of messages or products. They are usually used in texts, in images, as a logo ... The problem is that normally the emojis that we would like to use are owned by large companies and their use is limited.

Therefore, the launch of Sensa Emoji is great news for all those who use emojis in their projects. Designers, programmers, journalists ... it can be useful to all of us.

Emojis are available in two sizes: 80 x 80 pixels and 160 x 160 pixels.

Over 300 free high-quality emojis

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The collection, created by the Sensa studio, is made up of more than three hundred high-quality emojis in standard style, in different color versions, in PNG or SVG formats, prepared for design applications such as Sketch or Figma and dev-friendly.

We have three way to get the package Sensa Emoji in full: downloading it through the corresponding button on the web, in which case we will receive a compressed folder, or adding them to Sketch or Figma through their corresponding button.

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In the case of downloading the compressed folder, what we will obtain will be the collection of emojis in both PNG and SVG ready to use in the project we want. They will be separated by folders, depending on the format, and in two sizes: 80 x 80 pixels and 160 x 160 pixels.

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