Samsung updates its browser with up to three simultaneous windows startup, smart anti-crawl and more

Samsung updates its browser with simultaneous two-window startup, smart anti-crawl and more

Samsung has updated its browser to version 14 with a beta that advances new functions, already available. Once updated, the Samsung browser will automatically block detected tracking attempts, it will be compatible with App Pairs to start two browsers on the same screen and will allow customization of the font. Among other novelties.

Perhaps Google Chrome is the majority choice on Android, probably because it is already pre-installed, but that does not mean that other options no longer exist, sometimes even better. Among the alternatives Samsung knew how to position its browser: first by coming with its phones, then by releasing the application to other Android. And there is another key: the frequency of updates with news. Like the last beta.

Improved multitasking with the launch of two simultaneous browsers

Samsung browser App Pairs configured to start multiple browsers at the same time. Image from Samsung

The new features of the browser come in the form of beta, a step prior to leading to the stable version. As announced by Samsung itself, beta number 14 of the browser takes a remarkable step forward in terms of privacy and multitasking as well. And it can now be downloaded: the application is available on Google Play (the previous version is still in the Galaxy Store).

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In addition to the relevant improvements in the stability and fluidity of the application, Samsung has included the following new features in its 'Internet Browser':

  • Up to three simultaneous browsers thanks to App Pairs. It is surely the most curious thing about version 14 since now a shortcut can be created so that the system runs two to three simultaneous browsers on split screen. This enables the double or triple window, a very useful option to transfer data between forms, for example. Of course, only valid for Samsung mobiles.

Samsung browser New Security Center (Left) and Smart Anti-Tracking (Right)

  • Automatic blocking of trackers. Samsung's browser includes in version 14 the automatic detection of trackers ('trackers') with the consequent blocking ('Intelligent Anti-Tracking'. In addition, Samsung has incorporated a new security panel with which to see at a glance what happens with the navigation.

  • Font customization. The experimental section ('Labs') of the browser adds the possibility of adapting the source of the web to the one used by the phone. Thus there is no visual break between the pages and menus of the mobile.

  • 'Flex Mode' for folding mobiles. Samsung enhances the exclusivity of its folding with the split view of the videos taking advantage of the 'Flex Mode'. At the top the playback window; down the controls.

Samsung browser Translator (left) and synchronization between page source and system source (right)

  • Apart from the previous novelties, the Samsung browser adds 'Pen to text' on the Galaxy Tab S7 to write with the pencil directly on the form fields. It also improves the reading mode and a translator is added as a complement.

As we said, the Samsung browser beta It is now available for download in version 14. You can install it on your Android by following the following link to Google Play.

Samsung Internet Browser Beta

Samsung Internet Browser Beta

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