'Samsung Firmware Downloader' is a new app to download a Samsung firmware directly from its servers

Now that Samsung is putting the batteries in Android updates, the movements in the firmwares are very frequent. Those who cannot wait for the OTA to arrive on their mobile always have the option of using Odin to install the firmware "by force". First, yes, you need to download the firmware.

As an alternative to websites that collect Android firmware like Sammobile, which limit download speed, the new Samsung Firmware Downloader app lets you download the latest firmware of any Samsung mobile directly from the source, without ads, limits, cheating or cardboard. It is a free, open source and multiplatform application.

Samsung firmware, from Samsung

The most advanced Samsung users, those who like to fiddle with their phones by installing a recovery mode, Magisk and / or updating the firmware by force, have one more tool at their disposal. Samsung Firmware Downloader.

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It is a simple and multiplatform application with which you can easily download the firmware of any Samsung device, directly from Samsung, without intermediaries, ads or speed limitations. It is an open source application that is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Android. It is therefore possible to download the firmware for your Samsung mobile, from your Samsung mobile.


To use the application you must enter two data: the model name and CSC code region of. Then press Download and, if everything went well, the name of the latest firmware will be displayed, which you can download with the button Download. If you know exactly what firmware you want, you can check the "Manual" box and write it directly in the corresponding field.

The app is extremely simple, so it will start the download without further ado, showing you the remaining time. A nice addition is that the download can be stopped and continued later, something useful considering that the firmware is around 4 GB these days. After the firmware is downloaded, it is decrypted automatically (which you can also do manually in the tab Decrypt).

Firmware Example of a downloaded and decrypted firmware

The app downloads and decrypts the firmware, but what you do with it thereafter is up to you. You will need an application like Odin to flash it, although remember that any operation of the style involves a certain risk, so it is better that you refrain unless you are sure of what you are doing.

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