Qualcomm works on a portable console with Android in the style of Nintendo Switch

It would be their first commercial device in years, and it would be used to demonstrate the potential of their Snapdragon in the video game sector.

It's been a few months since the scene had Android to the Nintendo Switch, and it is that in essence the latest console from the Kyoto factory is nothing more than an Android tablet with Nvidia Tegra chipset, custom software by Nintendo, and loads of steroids to turn it into one of the best-selling video game consoles in the history of the industry.

Therefore, it is not surprising that some manufacturers such as Red Magic, ASUS or Black Shark designed Android smartphones intended for the gaming, and much less is it (in fact it has taken longer than expected) than a giant like Qualcomm is exploring its first foray into the world of video games with a device similar to the Switch that would work with Android, and that would take advantage of the power of its Adreno GPUs.

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Qualcomm also wants to play with Android, picking up the glove of the Nintendo Switch.

The breeding ground was prepared, for we have never lived such an important symbiosis between the video game industry and the smartphone industry, mixing the leisure market that has grown the most in recent times with the possibility of having a console connected to the Internet practically anywhere and at any time ... If our phones are used for everything, and we all play to kill time on many occasions!

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This would be the Nintendo Switch with Android, according to Qualcomm

The news was published a few hours ago by colleagues from Android Police, following sources close to Qualcomm that confirm this turn in the strategy of the North American company, which seek to show the potential of their Snapdragon with a novel form factor in the Android catalog.

Would be in fact Qualcomm's first commercial device in years, and their prototypes have already been seen although we certainly do not yet have images to show you.

It would be something similar to what Nintendo intends with the Switch, with a thicker and voluminous body that would allow to improve both the battery - there is talk of 6,000 mAh with Quick Charge fast charge - and the hardware ventilation, which could thus raise operating frequencies to offer more power.

In addition, they would be added on the sides two detachable style controllers 'joycon', manufactured by suppliers of proven reputation and with quality standards premium, leaving for the front a 6.65 inch screen diagonal.

They already warn us in advance, the idea of ​​Qualcomm is not to compete directly or to unseat Nintendo, not at least in the short term, but rather to demonstrate the potential of its Snapdragon and inspire the 'partners' to create new devices with new form factors.

As you will expect in a device of this type, it will have video output for playing on external monitors or televisions, will include a slot for SD memory cards and will run from Android 12 birth with a customization specifically designed for the world of videogames.

It has not transpired but specific agreements are expected, in fact the sources speak that there will be full compatibility with the Epic Games app, and it could even be installed a content portal designed and sponsored by Qualcomm itself of which we do not have more details ... Maybe it's finally about collaboration agreements with Stadia or GeForce Now!

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To complete the information, we talk about full connectivity up to 5G using Qualcomm's own X55 chip, plus WiFi, Bluetooth, aGPS and sensors for gaming including haptic return.

It has not transpired if there will be cheaper models that do not include 5G or their own gamepads removable, although yes Qualcomm intends to sell this portable console with Android in the first weeks of 2022 and directly, with its own brand and using the usual distribution channels of operators and retailers of the industry.

The fact is that there is still too much time left, and it would not be surprising if the project was finally abandoned, leaving us with honey on our lips ... What do you think?

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