Pokémon GO will "pay" you to invite friends to the game

Now if you play Pokémon GO and invite your friends, you will earn juicy rewards.

Although many who consider themselves "true gamers" consider that playing video games on mobile phones is a sacrilege, the truth is that both in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store, we can find titles that are really wonderful.

We could spend hours and hours talking about the number of great video games that we can find on mobile platforms, but if we have to highlight one above the rest and that has been a real revolution on a social level, that is without a doubt Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO is a virtual reality game that turns us into authentic Pokémon trainers - the dream of many of us when we were children - and that now he will "pay" us by inviting our friends. We explain it to you.

If you have friends in Pokémon GO, you have a treasure

Niantic and Microsoft study new ways to play Pokémon Go

Now we can win games prizes if we invite our friends in Pokémon GO

We read on the official blog of Pokémon GO that Inviting friends to Pokémon GO will now have juicy rewards.

Because despite the large number of active users that the game has, and that many of us abandoned it in its day, the company behind this great title wants more and more trainers hunting Pokémon and for that offer gifts to anyone who brings new coaches to the game.

In this way, when we invite new players and they log into the game, we will receive rewards such as encounters with rare Pokémon, rare candies, incubators and many other surprises that the company does not want to reveal yet.

In this way playing Pokémon GO will be much more rewarding because if playing alone is fun, doing it with our friends is much more so.

Pokémon GO is a totally free game that we can download on Android and iOS devices. Nowadays it is one of the most popular games of the moment and it is besides being fun and addictive, we also exercise thanks to it!

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