People increasingly faithful to their iPhone, not so with their Android phones

If you have an iPhone it is very difficult for you to switch to Android

That the iPhone is the sold smartphone of the moment is not pure chance. In addition to being a fantastic mobile device, the Cupertino guys' terminal offers something that not many brands can boast of: loyalty.

Because once you enter the Apple ecosystem, it is very difficult to get out. Not only because of the quality of its products, but also because all its devices work perfectly and with that only one thing is achieved, that each time users are more loyal to the bitten apple.

Apple users increasingly loyal, Android users less and less

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Apple users, the most loyal

Despite the fact that on Android we can find smartphones with surprising quality –you just have to see the latest models that have hit the market–, It seems that an Android smartphone consumer is the same as the brand of their terminal. That is to say, a year a Samsung is bought, when it changes it does it with a Xiaomi and when it changes a Huawei is bought.

Quite the opposite of iPhone terminal owners, that once they try them, many do not return to Android even if they are paid as we read in Android Authority.

This is the conclusion reached by SellCell, one of the most important second-hand trading portals in the United States. Through a survey of more than 5,000 users earlier this month, they have concluded that 92% of the users asked assure that they are faithful to Apple, the iPhone and everything that has a bitten apple as a logo.

Within the Android landscape, owners of Samsung terminals are the most loyal although this loyalty fell from 85.7% in 2019 to 74% this year. Worse are firms like LG and 37.5% of its users would repeat. Motorola? Only 29% would buy another of this brand.

3 things iOS is still better than Android in 2021 too

The main reason for loyalty to Apple? 21% of those surveyed referred to the ecosystem of the firm while 10% claimed that they were "lazy" to switch to another operating system. The majority reason is that 45% prefer iOS over Android.

We must highlight that this study has been carried out in the United States, Apple territory, so it cannot be extrapolated to the rest of the world. However, each year that passes, iPhones are sold more and more and despite the attempts of Android, Apple smartphones remain in the first position.

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