OnePlus stops the update to Android 11 of the OnePlus Nord due to stability problems

OnePlus debuted in early March with the Android 11 update for the OnePlus Nord. The long-awaited update brought the stable version with it, but ten days later the Chinese company is withdrawing the OTA, having detected certain stability problems in it.

Days after updating, community feedback came in exposing performance issues, charging, higher power consumption, and more. OnePlus has stated in its forum that it has detected these errors, so they have decided to paralyze the OTA and relaunch it when the problems are resolved.

The Nord has to solve some problems with Android 11


OnePlus is investigating the problems caused after the update to Android 11, as users have reported different types of errors, bugs and performance problems. From lower performance compared to Android 10 to higher power consumption and even some problems with the photo gallery.

From the OnePlus forum they assure that they have detected these errors and that they will launch a new update that ensures good performance.

One of the OnePlus Staff members has posted on the company's official forum that are aware of errors, so they are going to freeze the update until this is fixed.

"We have noticed that many of you have doubts about the availability of the Nord Android 11 update. The update has been temporarily paused to ensure a smooth user experience, due to some bugs that have been detected. We are now doing We do our best to investigate and we will release an updated version as soon as possible in the near future. Users who have installed the previous version can get the issues fixed through the updates to the later version. Thank you very much for your patience. "

No dates are given on the arrival of a new update that will solve the problems, although OnePlus alludes to "the near future." As has already happened in the past with mobiles like the Xiaomi Mi A3 and its problems with Android 10, the company preferred to wait and release a bug-free version.

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Those users who have updated to Android 11 and are experiencing performance issues can go back to the previous version from the terminal's own settings downloading the return file to Android 10.

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