now we can send messages to any user of the platform

Slack has announced the deployment of a new function that allows anyone who uses the platform to send messages to users outside your company. The feature was announced in October and is a further step after the June launch of Slack Connect, the feature available with any paid plan that allows businesses to share channels with others and is intended to "unseat email."

The functionality that at this moment is coming allows communication between individual workers either for the needs of the job itself or not necessarily. Because although it is intended for cross-organization collaboration, it can be used simply to talk to friends who use Slack at work.

To communicate with a person outside our company, and whenever we use a payment plan, we will need to send an invitation that the other user must accept

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The Slack Connect direct messages They are already available, although their deployment is being carried out gradually as the company announced this Wednesday, and it will allow employees of the more than 74,000 organizations using Slack on a paid plan can communicate with each other.

To communicate with a person who uses this platform and works in another company we must send an invitation to a direct message by clicking the button Write which is located next to the name of our workspace in the upper left part and, in the field For:, indicate the email address of the person we want to invite. Finally, we select the option Start a direct message In the menu, if we want, we include a message and click on Send invitation.

Owners and administrators can restrict Slack Connect permissions and therefore features such as direct messages for this functionality

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The other user will be able to see the invitation and accept it by selecting the desired Slack account to do so, if they use several, and start a conversation. The invitations expire after 14 days if they have not been accepted And, when this happens, both the sending and receiving person can send a new one. In addition, if our company already has a relationship with another thanks to Slack Connect and channels are shared, sending invitations will not be necessary.

Yes indeed, Workspace Owners and Admins have the ability to restrict Slack Connect permissions and limit these features, so if this feature is used in our organization and direct messages with people outside our organization do not work, it is likely that we do not have permissions or, if it has been a short time since the announcement of the feature, it has not yet been implemented in our organization.

Slack, recently acquired by Salesforce, thus strengthens its position in a booming market, there is Microsoft with Viva and its Fight with Slack, especially due to the relocation of teams and the increasing role of telecommuting.

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