Niantic and Microsoft teach candy, that's how incredible Pokémon Go will be played with HoloLens

Niantic and Microsoft will seek together a revolution of AR experiences on the fine line that separates the physical and digital worlds ... And what they show us with Pokémon Go is simply brutal!

More than a game, the truth is that Pokémon Go has always been a social phenomenon. In fact, the idea of ​​bringing together the heritage of Ingress, Niantic's first AR social game, with the Pokémon universe was so great that we all thought at the time the famous ... "But how no one had thought of it before!"

In any case, the phenomenon Pokémon Go has been declining in interest Over time, it made sense, and while it continues to have its staunch fan base, it seems that its developer Niantic does not fall for the rings to continue exploring more and better ways to play Pokémon Go, with innovations in software and hardware that will leave you speechless without a doubt.

Niantic and Microsoft study new ways to play Pokémon Go

Playing Pokémon Go using the HoloLens isn't that far off, and the experience seems almost incredible!

The thing is Niantic has partnered with Microsoft to return to seek the cutting edge of AR-based video games, working on the limits and possibilities of current technology to "Give us a glimpse of the potential of augmented reality" with new experiences and ways of interacting with the virtual world and our environment.

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This is how Niantic sees the future of AR, and of Pokémon Go by extension

In his statement, John Hanke -CEO and founder of Niantic- says that augmented reality is ready for improve our lives by enriching our daily routines, offering huge possibilities when it comes to going out and connecting with each other avoiding that a walk becomes a simple walk, but almost a digital adventure.

In a radical change, a revolution of our experiences, the idea of ​​mixing the physical and virtual worlds, but as technology matures from Niantic they are aware that should look to the next generation of devices for performance augmented reality, such as Microsoft HoloLens.

Perhaps for this reason, John Hanke himself was proud to present his agreement with Microsoft to jointly explore and develop new experiences in this thin line that separates the physical and digital worlds, showing us something palpable in passing so that we can see where the shots of a brutal evolution from the hand of HoloLens go.


In the demo shown by Niantic at the Microsoft event, it is shown for the first time what it would be like to play Pokémon Go with HoloLens 2 glasses, which will allow us interact with the Pokémon in our environment with absolutely stunning realism.

In fact, with your own hand you can open the game menu and choose a Pikachu, feed him once he leaves the Pokéball, and let me follow you through the Real World ™ afterwards as you travel to meet other Pokémon Trainers or other monsters to capture or battle on your way.

The experience is still far away Microsoft Mesh is an ambitious bet but it is still in development, although certainly what we have been taught in the Ingnite 2021 seems brutal to focus on the future of mobile video games, advancing through collaborative environments in a real world that will be mixed with bits more than ever.

They say from Niantic that "We have only scratched the surface", so we already liked this, we can't wait to be shown what's to come... What impatience!

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