New Android malware masquerades as a system update

On Android, you have to be very careful with the applications that we install from outside the Play Store, since we can download some application with malware that infects our device, as has been happening in recent weeks with the famous SMS from Fedex and co.

The malicious apps They try to deceive the user, and the latest malware discovered by the security company Zimperium what it does is simulate a system update.

This is the new spyware "System Update"

According to the security firm, it is surprisingly sophisticated malware. It is installed through an infected application that we have downloaded from an unknown source, that is, from outside the Google Play Store. That infected application launches a notification that pretends to be a upgrade system.

I've installed all Android malware - here's what happens if you skip the security tips

When the user clicks on the notification, the malware asks the user to install this new application, which will then request full access to the device. This translates into spyware that will have access to our contacts, messages including WhatsApp messages, call history, record audio, access to the camera, view browsing history, our location and more. They will have full access to the device to spy on us.

Android Malware

The good thing about this is that this malicious app has never been available on Google Play, and Google is already aware to prevent it from bypassing its security filters. So the only way for our virus to get infected is for us to manually install this virus.

If you want to keep your Android device protected, don't miss our tips to avoid malicious apps and how to eliminate them. If you recently downloaded an application from an unknown website and you receive a system update notification, check that the update is true from Settings> System> System update.

Via | TechCrunch

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