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Apple Insider has talked about the future iPhone 13s and we have the first bad news: there will be no USB-C and no Touch ID of any kind ... It seems that Apple will resist another year with its Lightning cables!

The recurring rumor, the never ending tale with Apple, the eternal discussion about the standardization of its connectors and the stubbornness in Cupertino to continue using the cable Lightning, which seems to be present for at least one more year if we pay attention to the leaks of Apple Insider, an authorized voice in the apple ecosystem and that already announces that Apple will continue to ignore the European Commission and all the voices that point to the logic of going to USB-C.

They do not understand the logic in the company led by Tim Cook, and it is that the most reputable analysts in the industry consider that the financial benefits and Apple's own aftermarket They will make the iPhones of 2021 skip the switch to USB-C for another year that all users have been waiting for years, even more so now that the standard chargers are not even included.

iPhone with Lightning cable

The iPhone and its always controversial 'Lightning' cables, a marriage that will remain together in 2021.

The funny thing is that all this is confirmed again one more year, after the same Apple did migrate from connector to USB-C on its iPad Pro a while ago, back in 2018, hinting that the movement could reach the iPhone sooner or later. Nothing could be further from the truth, it seems ...

The market expects the iPhone to ditch 'Lightning' in favor of USB-C and re-equip the power button with a Touch ID sensor. However, our latest survey indicates that Apple's current calendar does not contemplate adopting these changes for the iPhone. Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple vs. the world: the next iPhones would (still) hit the market with Lightning, USB-C delayed until ...

In fact, as you may have seen in the statements published by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, you can read between the lines that from Cupertino they also plan to ignore another of the requests most bitter of its users, because the return of the extremely comfortable and functional Touch ID will not occur Nor in the iPhone 13, despite the fact that the iPad Air 4 did integrate it in 2020:

We believe that the iPhone would significantly improve the user experience if it adopted the power button with Touch ID sensor. However, it does not appear that this new specification will be adopted at this time. Ming-Chi Kuo.

Obviously, if the Touch ID does not return and the other rumors spilled in xda-developers about the inclusion for the first time in an iPhone of the hole in the screen for the front camera, this would leave us doubt in the air of how the Face ID components will be integrated if finally the iPhone of 2021 lose in effect the prominent notch that housed them.

Apple Lightning vs USB-C

The Apple Lightning cable and the USB Type-C standard.

In any case, analysts do not comment on technical problems that could lead us to think one way or another. Yes, the same Ming-Chi Kuo speaks, recognizing that they exist technical issues related to waterproofing the USB-C connector and that there could be Apple's excuse, but it is no less true that the entire Android platform has been able to solve them without problems, and economic reasons explain the connector issue much better Lightning:

We believe that USB-C is detrimental to the profitability of the 'Made for iPhone' business, and its waterproof specification is lower than Lightning and MagSafe. In fact, if the iPhone were to drop Lightning soon, it may be the case that it directly adopts the connectorless design with exclusive support for MagSafe technology without yet integrating USB-C with that. Ming-Chi Kuo.

Nevertheless, It doesn't seem like MagSafe and its wireless charging properties are quite ripe after a year on the market, so in 2021 Apple is not expected to make the decision to abandon all physical connectors on your devices. What does seem clear is that there will be no USB-C on iPhones in the short term Nor is this medium or long-term possibility being studied in Cupertino.

I'm honestly not surprised by Apple's decision, as his legion of users complain but then they keep buying and updating your devices without major regrets, so for now the strategy and its results support the Californian giant... Or not?

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