Almost 10 years after its launch, about 200,000 people still use a Xiaomi Mi 2

more than a year after its introduction, the new icons are still not fully integrated

Remember when we said in mid-2020 that with macOS Big Sur, Apple was going to achieve in months what Microsoft has not been able to in years? That called consistency in design, or the idea crazy to commit to change, something that seems impossible in the land of Windows 10.

You may remember that at the end of 2019 Microsoft introduced the new icons for more than 100 of its products, including Windows. Icons that, to be fair, began arriving in Windows 10 in February 2020, but today, more than a year later, still not all arrive and still not really integrated into the design of the system.

The thousand and one designs of Windows 10

Start Menu Windows 10 2021

This is what current icons look like, there are always Microsoft apps and services that are left out of the big redesigns for too long

Metro, Modern, Fluent, Fluent 2.0 and what comes next. Technically all those names are small variations of the same rules. What started in Windows 8 with Metro and an extremely designed interface flatIt evolved and was renamed "Modern" Design.

The biggest changes to that interface that came to replace the Aero in Windows 7, really came with the Fluent Design System, the current system for creating user interfaces from Microsoft, one that has undergone major changes in its roughly three years of life, but which is still not applied to the entire system interface.

New Windows 10 Icons

Four years and eight versions later, Windows 10's unified interface is still an unattainable ideal

Now Microsoft says they are planning a "radical visual rejuvenation of Windows" and are even looking for engineers to revamp and improve pre-installed applications. All this without actually completing any of the above interface changesso we probably need to prepare for one more layer of fresh design on top of the long list of incomplete layers we've received before.

The icons are just an example. If you have the latest version of Windows 10, it is likely that you have noticed changes in most of the most used apps. From the calendar to the mail application, Skype, Your Phone, Photos, Calculators, etc.

However, apps like the old Paint, which have a redesigned and ready icon, still do not receive it. Even the Windows 10 icon that looked like it would be replaced by a bluish icon, it's still the same monochrome icon.

Windows 10 icons

Old, new and pre-owned icons

Windows 10's design is in a constant experimental state of replacing things by halves and never offering consistency

Icons in Windows 10 are of immeasurable variety. They come in all types, styles, and generations of Windows. It is something that many of us find irritating, although it is not the end of the world, but it can also be confusing.

It can be argued that "design is not the most important thing" and that these kinds of things do not really affect the operation of Windows 10, but there is no denying that they affect its image and make it look sloppy in certain respects. Many users do care.

The most incomprehensible thing is probably that Microsoft continues to reinvent design languages, styles for the interface, and new standards that they also recommend to use for app developers, but that they themselves do not follow them. Or, that they get so excited at the beginning with these kinds of changes and that they are never really completed. Worst of all, they are about to do it again.

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