Microsoft Teams will include shared channels between organizations, end-to-end encryption and improvements in the use of powerpoints

Microsoft has inaugurated today -with the presence of its CEO Satya Nadella- Ignite 2021, your annual event for the community of IT professionals and developers which, for the second year in a row, takes place online, bringing together 4 to 150,000 attendees from now on.

And no Ignite can be if it doesn't come with varias news under the arm related to Microsoft Teams.

Teams Connect

Teams Connect is the name of the new functionality that will allow users share channels with anyone else, whether or not they are a member of your own organization. These channels will be accessible to the user from their own Teams environment, contrary to what happens with the current formula of guest access.

In fact, Teams Connect will allow multiple organizations to share channels, which it will favor communication within collaborative projects. Guest access, on the other hand, would be relegated to situations in which an element external to an organization needs broad access to information about the organization.

Teams Pro

Other functionality that has now been officially unveiled (although was known for a few weeks) is known as 'Teams Pro', a subscription plan that will be added to the corporate and educational options, and that will add functions to facilitate the organization of webinars for up to 1000 attendees with moderation options (or up to 10,000 with purely visual broadcasting), as well as advanced analytics tools.

This functionality for webinars will be implemented in several of the existing Microsoft 365 / Office 365 plans Without aditional costs.

PowerPoint Live

More news: PowerPoint Live option for MS Teams will allow presenters to lead meetings with notes, presentations and chat in a single view, allowing them to customize how the content from their screen and webcam is displayed to the audience.

Attendees will have freedom to choose to view the slide that is presented or to go back to any of the previous ones to take notes. There will also be improvements in terms of accessibility: all PowerPoint content will be accessible using a screen reader. And unlike the previous functionalities, These PowerPoint Live enhancements are now available to Teams users.


End-to-end encryption

Finally, Microsoft has announced that Teams to implement end-to-end encryption before the end of the year (before summer, in the case of business customers).

Currently, files and notes stored in Teams environments have, respectively, the ciphers provided by SharePoint and OneNoteBut the communications did not support strong encryption, something that Microsoft seems to be almost ready to fix.