little known websites that are really interesting

There are more than 1.4 billion active websites on the Internet, and although the average user usually visits basically the same things, from time to time we all discover some new and little known web page that we find extremely interesting.

It's like catching that unique and special fish that perhaps no one else has ever caught before, and the first impulse is going to be wanting to tell about it. At Genbeta we are all the time sharing websites that we discover, but we also look at what other users discover, and a great example of this are threads like this one that was put together on r / AskReddit.

What's the coolest website you've ever visited that nobody knows about?

Now, the average user who comments on Reddit is more like the average user of Genbeta, people who tend to explore the web a little more and who perhaps do know some of these sites. But let's remember: more than 1,400 million websites out there ... many are going to escape you.

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We spend a good time looking at recommendations and discarding the most useless or things that we have already shared before, and We have selected some websites that we found most interesting:

Kung Fu Chess

Kung Fu Chess

  • Kung Fu Chess: a version of chess to play online but without respecting turns, the adrenaline is amazing.

  • Addicting Games - Lots of minigames that work in any browser, no Flash.

  • Classic Reload: more than 6000 games for DOS / Windowspreserved for future generations and that you can play from the browser.

  • noclip: a digital museum of video game levels. You can't play there, but you can cycle through the levels of a ton of classic games from various consoles, especially Nintendo.

  • Macintosh Repository: a website where you get historical software for Mac to run on old hardware or emulators. There are games, programs and all kinds of tools.



  • Unlisted Videos: a website where you can find the YouTube videos not showing up in searches, that is, those that are public but that you can only access if you have the URL or if you get it inserted on another website.

  • Temp Mail a disposable email account to use for registrations that ask for it and other temporary herbs you don't want to give your real address to to avoid spam and hassle.

  • Test Dive: Write a movie, series, book, author, game, artist, or podcast that you like and get a list of recommendations that are as similar as possible.

  • Music-Map: write the name of an artist and get a word map with similar artists.

  • Boil the Frog: a website to create a Spotify playlist between two artists and make it as fluid as possible.

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  • calculate the time it will take to watch any television series in its entirety.

  • Hex clock: a clock that changes hex color every second.

  • sandspiel: an interactive sandbox.

  • line05x5d: what people who take LSD must feel.

  • WD-1: DJ Trainer.

  • If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel: if the Moon represented only one pixe.

  • Cameron's World: a "beautiful" archive of various geocities stacked on top of each other.

  • AWGE: I don't even know what to say.

Dj trainer

WD-1 DJ Trainer

  • Atlas Obscura: a website to discover unusual, rare, or little frequented places anywhere in the world. You just have to write the name of a country or city and see what there is.

  • OJAD: a Japanese accent database for Japanese students and teachers.

  • The True Size: a website to understand the real size of the countries on the map.

  • Typeracer: to see how fast you type with the keyboard.

  • Small World: a huge photomicrograph gallery.

  • NSTMF Gravity: to create your own universe.

  • What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner: If you want some help figuring out what to make for dinner.

  • RSOE EDIS: a world map with information and alerts on emergencies and disasters that is updated every five minutes.

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