Juho Sarvikas leaves the company and his future in the air

He is leaving after 15 years according to him incredible, and stating that he does not doubt the great future that Nokia has ahead.

With more than 38 years behind him, the truth is that Nokia is probably the most mythical firm in the mobile industry, or at least it is in Europe and many other markets.

Not surprisingly, the Norse were for a long time the world's largest phone maker, before falling to hell in a self-destructive spiral after the failure of SymbianOS and ending up in the hands of HMD Global, its current parent company, with Juho Sarvikas as the visible head of a project that had surprised locals and strangers on the Android platform for possibilities, strategy and after-sales support.

Juho Sarvikas, already a former Head of Product at HMD Global

Juho Sarvikas, the former Head of Product at HMD Global, during the Nokia 8 presentation.

However, after that brilliant return to the ring, the Nokia light went out, and we will now see how it paints its future because Juho Sarvikas, the actual Chief Product Officer from HMD Global and Nokia, just announced that he is leaving the company after "15 incredible years".

It seems that Nokia will have to learn to walk again, after a fateful 2020 and still without a 'premium' range to position them ... And now also without Juho Sarvikas!

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An impeccable trajectory that of Juho, who joined Nokia in 2006 to deal with corporate and intellectual property, later passing through the US operator AT&T as Director of Business Management for go back to Nokia, or rather Microsoft, after the acquisition by Redmond in 2014.

His last positions at HMD Global have been Chief Product Officer and Vice President for North America, although actually it was without a doubt the only visible head of a Nokia that he will have to learn to walk again, with good words and best wishes from a Sarvikas who does not doubt that "HMD and Nokia will continue their successes in the future".

The truth is that the 2020 course was not easy for HMD and Nokia, having to cancel and / or delay many of your releases, ending up by minimizing its operations and all its development plans while waiting for better times.

It's easy to say, really, but it is that Nokia was failing neither the brand, nor its strategy, nor do most of your devices or update support, but rather positioning with a high-end that never finished arriving to compete face to face with the giants of the industry.

It is said that on April 8 there will be movements, so we will have to wait to see what they have prepared for us from Nokia and if we can trust the mythical firm of Espoo, Finland again ... And you, are you hopeful?

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