It will tell us where there are level crossings

The maps application will show us where the tracks are, but it will not warn us when the trains pass.

Within the ecosystem of Google applications, one of the most used by a large number of users and one of the ones that has grown the most in recent times is, without a doubt, Google Maps, which has just added a new function that will show us where there are level crossings.

This is how the level crossings will be displayed on Google Maps

This is how the level crossings will be displayed on Google Maps

A very useful new feature if you live in an area close to the train tracks

A user has shared a screenshot of the Google Maps application on the Google Maps subreddit. is beginning to show the location of the level crossings.

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It should be noted that these alerts that appear in the maps app of the American company are indications of where the train tracks are, which will appear once we start browsing. What it still does not show us is when a level crossing is closed because a train is going to pass there shortly.

The Google application already provided us with information regarding the surroundings of the railroad crossings, but now this data is much more visual. In fact, Waze, the application that the American company acquired in 2013, I already showed this information for some time.

This new Google Maps feature can be really useful for find alternate routes with flyovers or underpasses if on our usual route we find level crossings.

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This new feature of the American giant's maps app it is not official yet, but it is already available for some users, which is the previous step so that it ends up arriving, sooner rather than later, on all Android devices.

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