instead, you will work with 350 taxi drivers

Uber has announced that its cars will once again circulate on the streets of Barcelona next Tuesday, March 16. Thus, the third attempt of the American company in the city of Barcelona will be consummated, after the return of 2018 and the exit by the decree law that established the pre-hiring.

Now, according to Juan Galiardo, general director of Uber in Spain, in statements to La Vanguardia, they are "outlining the way to establish the race price", although he has advanced that they want to use the formula of rate 3, with which they can set prices in advance.

A return without VTC licenses and with a lot of controversy

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The great surprise of Uber's return to Barcelona is that the company will not use the VTC licensing model (provided that user demand can be met), but will use a formula similar to that of Madrid, where the same company works with 2,000 taxi drivers setting prices in advance.

In Barcelona they have announced that it will be done with 350 taxi drivers, to which the IMET has responded that the operation of the application is not compatible with the rate system. From Uber they have affirmed that, if it is not possible, they will use a taximeter.

If there are still great enemies, Uber would ally itself with the taxi, if not because from Elite Taxi, one of the most combative associations in the sector threatens new stoppages and strikes in the context of the Mobile World Congress dated for June: "" if Uber opens the application in Barcelona, ​​we will have a very entertaining Mobile because here we will defend ourselves as we have been doing for seven years, nothing has changed and nothing will change. "

In addition, they affirm that this union of Uber with taxi drivers would mean that they "committed an illegality for providing service without complying with the fare system." We will have to wait to see what this third part of the film is.

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