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Instagram seeks to compete with Clubhouse by allowing up to four participants in its 'Live Rooms'

We have already addressed in Genbeta the increasing speed with which large social platforms copy and implement the innovations of their rivals. And right now, Clubhouse seems to be the rival to beat.

And, if a few months ago Twitter tried to announce the creation of the 'spaces', now it is Instagram who announces that their 'Live Rooms' (live broadcasts that allowed the participation of two users) will begin to admit up to four participants, thus enriching this format and trying to catch up with the popular Clubhouse app.

The pandemic, with its seclusions and its rise in teleworking, has led to an increase in the popularity of live broadcasts, not just on Instagram (where the company reported a 70% increase in visits to them between February and March 2020), but also favoring the appearance of new competitors with a somewhat different user experience, like the aforementioned Clubhouse.

How broadcasts can be started

To start a 'live room'Simply slide your finger to the left and select the homonymous option, then we will have to name the created room and press the Room icon to add the guests.

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Then, we will be shown the list of those who have requested to appear in our broadcast, and we can also search for other users. Your followers will also receive notification of our broadcast, thus allowing us to increase the impact of it.

This incorporation of guests can be done all at once, or we can add them one by one, thus allowing the appearance of 'surprise guests'. It is important to bear in mind that, if a user has been blocked by another of the guests at some point, the application will not allow us to incorporate them into the same broadcast.

Via | TechCrunch